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Ya Nangoloh campaigns for gay rights and yet he cannot politely say no
By Asser Ntinda

For decades, NamRights Executive Director, Phil Ya Nangoloh, has been a "passionate and an avowed campaigner" of human rights, including the rights of homosexuals in the country and abroad. He has, with monotonous regularity, tried to portray a picture that homosexual rights are protected under the Constitution.

Of course that is not the case, and Ya Nangoloh knows this. Namibia's Constitution outlaws discrimination on the "grounds of sex, race, colour, ethnic origin, religion, creed or social or economic status." Sex here refers to gender, not sexual orientation. That is a marked difference between Namibia's Constitution and that of South Africa, which outlaws discrimination on the grounds of "sexual orientation"... as well as sex in terms of gender. But that is not the issue I am about to address in this column today, even though it is related.

Ya Nangoloh made headlines a few days ago, complaining that he has been "harassed by a gay" who obviously wanted a love affair with him. The man has apparently been sending "erotic texts" to Ya Nangoloh. The man wants to make love with him - his right as Ya Nangoloh has passionately defended gay rights over the years. What is interesting though is the manner in which Ya Nangoloh has reacted to such "sexual advances." He went to the Police to report the case. He even called the Inspector- General, Lt Gen Sebastian Ndeitunga, to "intervene." After defending "gay rights" for so many years, Ya Nangoloh had the gut to report the case to the police! There are contradictions in terms and feelings here. Ya Nangoloh wants "gay rights to be recognized and respected," yet he feels offended when they approach him to "make love with him." Why does he defend "gay rights" when he does not want them to approach him and make such "sexual advances?"

Of course Ya Nangoloh can say he is not gay. Fair enough. Well and good. But gays will only know that he is not gay when they make such "love proposals." Given the passion with which he defends gay rights, gays may think he is one. When they make such sexual advances, he obviously should not have felt offended because gays were simply exercising their "rights" which he so passionately defends. He could have simply said no, like women do when men make love proposals to them. Women simply say no, and it ends there. They don't run to police stations or phone the Inspector- General, do they?

Ya Nangoloh campaigns for gay rights and yet he cannot politely say "no." He runs to the Police? In the name of democratic principles and human rights, Ya Nangoloh should embrace them and live them to practice their sexual orientation. When and with whom should they exercise their rights to homosexuality? Just bear with them. But at least the good thing is that Ya Nangoloh now understands that homosexuality offends our sense of morality. It is unnatural. It is an aberration of nature, and should be regarded as a disease that must be treated. It is a deformity that should not be praised and brandished around and about.

In our culture, when a male dog that turns on another male dog, it is killed immediately. That is exactly why Ya Nangoloh is offended by such "sexual advances." Why does Ya Nangoloh defend something which he himself cannot live with? He can't live with it because it is ugly, unsightly disgusting, dehumanizing and immoral.

European countries are now trying to have it "embedded" as a condition for development aid and other financial assistance such countries give to developing countries. In fact, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has made a public statement to that effect. There are many unscrupulous non-governmental organizations, NGOs, in developing countries which want to line up for such dirty money. They will promote gay rights - lock, stock and barrel.

But to such development aid, we must say no, to hell with such aid. There are certain principles that have been enshrined in our system - human rights and civil liberties. These we should espouse and regard them as necessary for purposes of creating a correct environment and ensuring that individuals in a particular situation express themselves to the full.

But along what dimensions? What do you call human rights? Is it the right of the individual to express himself, the right of an individual to belong to any religion of his choice? Is it the right of the individual to have political beliefs that will enhance the system or is it much more than that - the right of the individual to organize themselves along criminal lines?

Have drug addicts the right to organize themselves in the name of democracy in order to further their addiction to drugs? Drug peddlers, have they the right to do so? Can men stand up and say they want to turn other men into women and they have the right to organize themselves into an association? Should that be allowed? Is that rationale? Is that humane?

I say no. That is criminal. Namibia has inherited a law against sodomy and bestiality. It was not enacted by our great grand-parents. It was enacted by the successive colonial regimes, which had the rationality, the humane consideration that man is man and woman is woman. Sodom and Gomorra are testimony to the fact that it is evil. We are now being told by countries, and countries which should know better, that we must allow gays to organize themselves and turn other men into women in the name of democracy and human rights. Human right! The right to turn other men into women?

Our own traditions in Africa don't allow such practices. If people of such inclinations existed, and they did exist, they were regarded as psychiatrists and deviants in society. If they did their things privately and were not known, well, they were not known. Once they became known, they were dragged to courts and disgraced - disgraced in the same way that Ya Nangoloh has disgraced the man who claims to "love him so much" and who he now calls a "shameless bastard." We have long told you that homosexuality is disgusting and a disgrace. Now you know. Just zip your mouth or take it as you wish.


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura