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Dr Hage Geingob unimpressed by gay activist
By Asser Ntinda

President-elect, Dr Hage Geingob, might have hoped that his last press conference he hosted on Thursday before he is sworn-in tomorrow would solely concentrate on, and be confined to burning challenges the country is faced with - challenges such as unemployment, poverty eradication and land reform which sometimes cause him sleepless nights as he figures out how to find everlasting solutions to them.

He was proved wrong by one gay activist on Thursday. From the reaction of those present at the press conference, nobody really, expected such a question. Here is a country about to make history, once again, through a peaceful transfer of power from one Head of State to the next, a country in a celebratory mood! Nobody really expected someone to come to that press conference to ask about what the incoming President was going to do about gays and lesbians! But the young mad did just that, to the surprise of many journalists and senior government officials, including Vice President, Dr Nickey Iyambo, and Prime Minister, Saara Kuugongelwa- Amadhila.

The gay activist - maybe he is gay himself - asked this question: "Thank you, Mr. Presidentelect for the opportunity that I am given! As you know, Mr. President-elect, the number of gays and lesbians is growing rapidly in the world. As the newly elected President, what are you going to do about them in Namibia, in terms of their rights, so that they may have the same rights as other people?"

"What? I didn't hear your question. Can you repeat your question?" The visibly upset Prime Minister retorted. Sure enough, the young man repeated the question, to the laughter of everybody present. The young man might have thought he was a brave man in the land of the brave, but sometimes bravery can be foolishness, as he has learned in a terse response he got from the Prime Minister.

"My goodness, we are talking about poverty eradication, unemployment, food, and yet my young brother comes up with gay issues! Those are not the issues we are talking about. Those things are luxuries. I am talking about poverty eradication, lack of houses..." Dr Geingob was not yet done with his fierce grilling: "Are you oppressed? Are you suppressed? Are gays oppressed here? Is there any gay who has been arrested here for being gay? Those are issues that you should report to the Police. The Police deal with such cases. "Why do you create a problem where there is no problem? When I took my course in social problems, I learned that a social problem is what you make it to be. Even if there is no problem, you just complain and make it a problem. There is no problem.

"We have problems of poverty eradication, unemployment, lack of houses and so on. These are the issues that I will address once I become President. I was very clear throughout where my focus is: poverty eradication and job creation."

The young man got the message - clear, crisp and straight forward. Problems such as poverty eradication, job creation, lack of houses, land reform are just too pressing for us as a nation to worry about the rights of gays and lesbians.

One of the touchy issues discussed by the National Executive Committee of the SWAPO Party Youth, SPYL-NEC, last year at Vaalgrass, Karas Region, was the state of our moral values as a nation. True, our moral values are decaying like old rickety teeth. One of the causes of our moral decay is the manner in which we have embraced everything European as sacrosanct. We are made to believe that our cultural heritage is barbaric and pagan, and should thus be replaced with Eurocentric values, anchored around the so-called human rights. We are being told to embrace homosexuality as a fundamental human right which should be respected and upheld in the name of human rights and democracy.

The Vaalgrass meeting passed a resolution condemning, in the strongest terms, homosexuality, and urged the youth to uphold traditional values and not suck up to imported practices such as the so-called homosexuality.

We should guard against these insidious wiles of foreign influences, which simply seek to destroy our priceless cultural heritage and moral values as human beings. Western Europe and the United States are now forcing developing countries to recognize homosexuality as a condition for not only receiving but deserving their development aid packages as well.

This is the most obnoxious misguided sense of political correctness that seeks to impinge on our centuries-held beliefs, norms, customs and moral values I have ever come across. Well, homosexuality might have existed for years in some tiny pockets around the world, but human societies have, for years too, treated it as a deformity or a curse that must be treated and cured, not as a human right that should be brandished around and forced down our throats. Male animals do not mate in the animal kingdom. Two male human beings, too, cannot, by natural law, mate and marry in human societies. That is an aberration of nature. As human beings, we should know better. Three years ago, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, issued a statement threatening that any Commonwealth member state that outlaws homosexuality and lesbianism would be "denied development aid by Britain."

However, despite that threat hovering over Commonwealth member states like the proverbial Sword of Damocles, Nigeria was unmoved. It went ahead to criminalize homosexuality. And Cameron never made good his threat.

Homosexuality is abhorrent to our sensibilities as Africans. Same sex marriage is against our culture, tradition and beliefs. Ghana and Uganda, two biggest African recipients of Britain development aid, also refused to succumb to Cameron's blackmail. But it was Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe who did not mince his words: "It becomes worse and satanic when you get a Prime Minister like Cameron saying countries that want British aid should accept homosexuality. To come with that diabolic suggestion to our people is a stupid offer," he retorted.

Africa should stand united against this unmitigated onslaught against our moral values. Same sex is never in us. And we should never ever be afraid to say so boldly and firmly. That young - even if he is working for some of those subversive non-governmental organizations, NGOs here, should know that only a marriage contracted between a man and a woman enhances our pride as Africans. True, there are many NGOs dangling all sorts of foreign aid packages before our eyes. But from them, we seek no advice, and to them we give neither. God created Adam and Eve to procreate and multiply to fill the earth. In fact, the Bible teaches us that a man should not lie with another man as one lies with a woman. If God approved of gay rights, he could have simply created Adam, Eve and Steve to give Adam the benefits of the doubt. Yes, conventional Western scientific thinking says God did not create the world and human beings.

Fair enough, but Nature, in its sheer wisdom, did not, by the sheer construction of sexual organs, want a man to have sex with another man or a woman with a woman. The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights does not recognize homosexuality. Its definition of a family is crystal clear - "the family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and it is entitled to protection by society and the state." The Collin English Dictionary defines a family as "a primary social group consisting of parents and their off-springs." Show me any gay couple who has produced off-springs by themselves? Homosexuality is a depravity being forced on us by a tiny sick minority. Human rights should not be enlarged to allow people to organize themselves along criminal lines.

Just as drug addicts and drug peddlers have no right to organize themselves into associations in the name of democracy to further their addictions to drugs, men, too, should never be allowed to stand up and say they want turn other men into women in the name of democracy. That is criminal. We have a law against sodomy and bestiality in our statutes. It was not enacted by our great grandparents. It was enacted by a colonial regime, which had the rationality, the human consideration, that man is man and woman is woman.

If men existed of that inclination, they were regarded as psychiatrically deviants in society. If they did their things privately and were not known, well, they were not known. But once they became known, they were dragged to courts and had hot iron bars inserted in their anuses to stop practicing such deformities. And Africa moved on. It is still an abomination of the highest order in our societies for a man to sleep with a man or a woman with a woman. That is Africa.


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura