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By Asser Ntinda

I really thought that this week I will write this column about the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters, NEFF, and its so-called N$3 billion from the far-east Asian countries to build houses for low income people. The claim is so shallow that not even a primary school pupil would buy into it.

But I had to set that aside until next time and deal with this week's crazy allegation by the Rally for Democracy and Progress, RDP's President Hidipo Hamutenya, that SWAPO Party has "funded and bankrolled" the DTA's election campaigns to help unseat and topple it from the Official Opposition status.

Look at this: "There is no region that I did not personally go to and address in this country. I know that these smaller parties, including the DTA, didn't do well in the regions on their own. They got media coverage and money support from SWAPO," Hamutenya was quoted as saying.

Hidipo has really lost a sense of purpose and direction. Last year, RDP's Vice President, Steve Bezuidenhout, revealed in the media that Hidipo "suffers from memory lapses" and had to be reminded all the time in meetings. It could not be further from the truth.

I wonder what Hidipo really wanted to achieve with such silly and senseless claims about SWAPO Party funding DTA election campaigns. But they are also a blessing in disguise because they expose Hidipo for what he really is - a cheap liar.

Even if one tries to make sense of such claims, the exercise simply sends one's head spinning. He has now become a punching bag of little boys like DTA's Vinsent Kanyetu!

For goodness sake, how could SWAPO Party bankroll the DTA election campaigns? Hidipo should learn to swallow his pride and accept defeat. There is dignity and a fulfilling sense of magnanimity in conceding defeat.

That Hidipo has never accepted defeat is exemplified by his exaggerated ego which blurs his sense of reasoning. This man really thought he was SWAPO and SWAPO was him. He did not believe that SWAPO Party could defeat him. Now that he has even been defeated by the DTA, it is worse and a bitter pill to swallow, given his pride. That is the reason he comes up with such crazy allegations.

Hidipo was instrumental in taking a tender to print ballot papers away from Namprint, claiming that since Namprint was owned by SWAPO Party, it could not be trusted with the printing of ballot papers.

RDP and other opposition parties made a lot of noise about this. Since SWAPO Party did not fear any of the opposition parties in any election, and for transparent purposes, SWAPO Party conceded to this childish demand, and asked the Electoral Commission of Namibia, ECN, to find an independent company which could print ballot papers.

That tender ended up being won by a South African company. But only SWAPO Party managed to send two party agents to observe the printing and packaging of ballot papers in South Africa. I was one of them.

RDP managed to send Libolly Haufiku but he only spent a few hours in the printing room and left - RDP, like other opposition parties, did not have the money to keep agents there throughout the printing process.

By asking the ECN to award the tender to that South African company, the opposition parties unknowingly disadvantaged themselves to witness the entire process, as had been the case when the tender was with Namprint.

When the elections came in 2009, the opposition parties lost the elections. Again they claimed the elections were rigged. They went to court and they lost again because they had no evidence to prove that the elections were rigged. The paper trail was there.

The same situation has repeatedly played itself out in every by-election we have held since 2009. At every turn, they were soundly defeated by SWAPO. The margins have always been too big to suggest any foul play. Then came these Electronic Voting Machines, EVMs. All the opposition parties were thoroughly informed about how impossible it was to tamper with them to effect rigging.

Now Hidipo claims that RDP wanted a "paper trail" to verify the votes. The paper trail was there in 2009 and RDP still lost. What difference could the paper trail make this time around which it could not do in 2009?

Hidipo should just accept that he has stuffed up, rather than coming up such idiotic convulsions that SWAPO Party funded the DTA election campaigns. The results are indeed a vote of no confidence in him.

It is indeed a disgrace to be defeated by the DTA, as has happened to Hidipo and RDP. That is the reason Hidipo is really feeling the heat. But to allege that SWAPO Party gave "financial support" to the DTA is as balderdash and it is despicable.

But it was a good end of the year political gaffe that will keep us laughing.


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura