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With over 80% Of The Vote, Namibia's SWAPO Party Is Simply The Best

By Udo W. Froese
Namibia's SWAPO Party has delivered. Theresounding democratic election results have proven just that. It is indeed a historic victory. SWAPO's critics, often having wished its downfall, must be eating their words. The media could fear having discredited itself over the years, focusing on undermining of SWAPO.

Namibia's Father of the Nation and Founding President, Sam Nujoma and his successor, President Hifikepunye Pohamba, who took over from Nujoma, set Namibia on a free and democratic course ahead. Both have a long and proud history of leadership in SWAPO. They have worked for what they, SWAPO and Namibia have got. The ruling party- and country's new President, Hage Geingob, has big shoes to fill.

No doubt, the wisdom and the experience of SWAPO Party's Central Committee and Politburo have made their choice. The majority welcomed their election of Geingob becoming the next president. Hage Geingob received 87% of the presidential vote. Following is one of tens-ofthousands of examples, why indigenous African Namibians voted in their masses for their movement, SWAPO.

When this writer was driven from Hosea Kutako International Airport outside Windhoek, the middle-aged driver told me that he hails from Outjo. He went on to reflect on the 1970s and 1980s. The good driver explained that, when he was sent as a youngster to the shops to buy his white master a loaf of white bread, he had to have a written permission to do so. On this written permission the name, date and amount of money for the loaf of bread had to appear. If there would anything missing, or the young black African Namibian would have gone to the shops without such written permission, hewould have been taken to and then beaten by the white police.

If the youngster had eaten white bread in the streets of Outjo, the colonial-apartheid police would have beaten him up on the streets and thrown him in jail. Today, the mature Namibian is a husband and father, working as a driver, as it is his choice. This is how he puts bread on his family's table. He is free to move and buy and sell what and where he wants to. He is a free Namibian and respects those, who made it possible and loves his country.

It is therefore, understood that the majority of Namibia's people would support and vote for Hage Geingob, currently being the Vice President of SWAPO, in other words, the next President of SWAPO Party and of Namibia.Until SWAPO had returned from exile in 1989 with following independence on 21 March 1990, the black African Namibian majority had nothing, but slavery, structured poverty with no access to their own land.

Today, freedom of movement, of speech, of association, of education and of workplace and of choices has created peace and stability. Black and white can get married and have families.

As time moves on, new generations have taken over from the older ones. This also means, the economy of Namibia needs to re-structure itself to be able to keep up with the fast trends of population growth, now being the young, educated and hopeful generations, who left schools and universities.

The owners of the economy need to put their heads together to work out a solid way forward towards a participatory economy, which would accommodate Namibia's growing working class. This proactive economic approach would not only assist government to secure stability. It would stabilise the country and ensure peace for everyone. The SWAPO Party led government would most likely have to prod the owners of the economy to realise economic growth for all, away from the greedy 'profits before people'.

So far, SWAPO Party and its leadership have done many things right. The miniscule and dwindling opposition is the dying proof of it.

Congratulations! Well done! A Luta Continua!


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura