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White compatriots told to part of One Namibia, One Nation

Very visible efforts are strategically integrated on a daily basis throughout our country to invalidate our hard-won independence by those trying to bring back separate development and apartheid through the backdoor, hence with this mail those undesirable endeavors are hereby challenged and it should not be construed as an attack on all whites , but rather an attempt to caution those who are allergic of blacks and don't realize the importance of nation building and reconciliation.

And for the past 22 years our father of the Namibian Nation Dr. Sam Nujoma as well as President Hifikepunye Pohamba have been repeatedly calling on our fellow white Namibians to join hands in nation-building but in vain as some rather prefer to live as if they are in a separate state within Namibia It was reported in the New Era that a reporter during the independence celebrations interviewed members of the white society on their apathy whereby the sentiments of those interviewed revealed amongst other that the one farmer "apparently felt like he has got lots of work to do on his farm", the other shop owner felt like it was the" real opportunity "for him to make a couple of bugs. Indeed this and many others are typical excuses of whites for the past 22 years not showing interest in national events, let alone to show that "little respect" once in a year.

However, whenever there are events amongst other such as "boere- potjiekos day", 4x4 day, fish-angling day, "kunsfees ""rugby day, golf-day etc, they will flock n their thousands Our devoted white compatriots who have joined the mainstream of the Namibian masses are ridiculed and called all kinds of names on a daily as if they have betrayed their fellow conservative fellows. Deliberate efforts are done on a daily basis to generate separate schools, sport codes, health etc.. etc. Our mothers in desperate need of a living wake up as early as 5am, abandoning their own household and kids to go serve them, yet they are still ungrateful as most of them don't even know how , or where their domestic workers stay.

Another example again is whenever a few blacks trying to reside closer to them, they move further and further upwards to the mountain tops. It is alleged that massive farmland is now turned into prime properties for prospective buyers to build houses on, and apparently many white foreigners have already bought massive prime land under the pretext of doing business as large tracks of farmland is reserved for them ( government should investigate this allegation) and by so doing they only deny the poor of this country the opportunity to decent housing which is absolutely unconstitutional as only the rich will be able to afford land in the long run.

All this efforts later on become subversive schemes and jeopardize all efforts by the relevant Ministry to fulfill its mandate of "building houses for the poor." Eventually the people become frustrated and lose hope in the capacity of the government to solve their housing needs.

We should once again remind our white compatriots that this independence didn't come on a silver platter as they perceive it, was about ultimate sacrifices paid by the brave sons and daughters of Namibia Finally , the Afrikaans daily (" The Republikein ") prior to the independence celebrations "once displayed on their front page a white lady holding kids from all backgrounds ( white, black & brown ) parading through the streets of Windhoek ( Madame , if you read this letter , you're my hero ) I was emotionally moved and couldn't help to drop a tear while witnessing such magnificence of those little happy faces, and indeed that's how we as a Namibian nation is supposed to live together.

In conclusion , either those disregarding our national events and refuse to live in conformity with policies of national reconciliation and national building pack and go , or we in the SPYL have got the capacity to push our government to review certain legislation and we will do that , mark my words

By Concerned Che


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura