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What is wrong with KK?

By Kula Wumone
In that August House of Parliament, there was another debate on top of the previous ones about mini-skirts or prostitution, this time it is about the definition of a hero. I am not very learned, but my definition of a hero will be ďa person, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.Ē According to the Honourable Minister of Youth, Mr. Kazenambo Kazenambo, such a hero is to be found in the person of RDPís Hidipo Hamutenya.

I was not sure based on the reasons advanced by Mr. Kazenambo that Mr. Hamutenya should qualify to be a hero. One quality cited is that Hidipo and Kazenambo used to write Namibia Today while some current SWAPO leaders were sleeping. Another reason is that some people feigned ill-ness or sickness to avoid to be at the front. This brings me to some observations to make. Is Kazenambo suggesting that Hidipo Hamutenya was at the front fighting like the late Peter Nanyemba or Tobias Hainyeko or even like Erastus Negonga, Martin Shalli or Andrew Intaba or Frans Kapofi? Why is Hidipo Hamutenya your hero and not Shipanga or Muyongo.

To me it is mind-boggling how a SWAPO minister could utter things like that. Sir, are you a spokesperson of RDP or any other opposition in defining who those are they deem to be their heroes? It has become a common anthem now in our public relations stunt that you regard yourself as having been more PLAN combatant than anyone else out there. I for one will beg you to educate me exactly why is it like that. Which battle did you personally command or partake, in which you executed yourself bravely and heroically.

In your embarrassing pronouncements of prostitution, non-Oshiwambo president and now on glorifying Hidipo Hamutenya, do you ever stop to think you are becoming an embarrassment to yourself and your appointing authority? Sir, I assume you have a family, a wife and children, do you think about them as well as you keep being a PR of Embarrassment to government, the country and SWAPO Party. I write with highest respect and hope you do a re-examination of yourself and relook your priorities.

Those who fought and sacrificed are many and they do not have half of what you are earning or the privilege of being Honourable Minister in a free and independent Namibia.

Many are alive and can recall the battles and those who participated in it.

By Kula Wumone


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura