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What is going on here vakwetu?

By Kula Wumone
There is near to be trouble in paradise at the rate we are going.

On Wednesday I read two headlines which said “RFA to reverse salary increases” (New Era) and “MVA management salaries irk workers” (The Namibian). The Board of RFA approved 9.7 percent salary increment for all employees but the CEO allegedly “changed this, implementing an acrossthe board increment of 35 percent,” thus making his salary to be “a whopping N$153 000 per month”. At the MVA it is reported that “during the period 2006/2007 to 2010/2011, the money spent on salaries rose from around N$13 million to close to N$32 million”. “Similarly, apart from getting N$17.21 million for salaries, the middle and senior management including the CEO got a bonus of N$4.65 million”.The reports may be a tip of the iceberg, however it raises serious eyebrows about the priorities of state owned companies. As a SWAPO member in village Namibia, I can’t explain it to my students how our government allow these comrades to officially siphon off such salaries from state coffers like that. Is cabinet aware of these things? Is money ruling us now, and no longer the principles of SWAPO? How did Cabinet appoint or approve the appointment of these people to be CEOs or Board of Directors?

I am sick to the stomach to see that our government also appointed some of these very CEOs to be board of directors at another parastatals. (Names withheld.) This enrichment must stop. Please, our government what is happening there in Windhoek? RFA and MVA are not the only ones. Many other parastatals and Ministries are doing the same wastage of resources. I pray that the President is seeing what I am seeing too. We can see the thirsty for spending government money left right and centre nowadays.

Some Ministers have reportedly become tourists with taxpayers’ money hopping from country to country. To add insult to injury, questions remain as to who is footing the bill of those who are not civil servants traveling with such cabinet ministers.I read these things that over there in Windhoek, you are taking each other to the courts, not with your own pocket money, but with us the low earning citizens and SWAPO voters and supporters’ tax money. I am left to conclude that the only way these things are allowed is when some of you are perhaps benefitting from it.Please stop wasting state resources. We need every penny to build schools, hospitals and to produce food security.

I hope and pray somebody somewhere in the Cabinet of Namibia and in the State House and Founding President Office can read what I am pleading.


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura