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"We are imbeciles if we do not say thank you"

By Comrade I. V. M. Kanamutenya, Windhoek

The drought situation facing our country, we are also aware that the government is trying it best to minimize the effects of this disastrous phenomenon. However this is neither my topic nor is it what I want to write about now. I feel I have a voice to say, much as it is my dully duty as a citizen of this country. What I want to talk about is the so much distorted information on the donated house to the former Zambian President, Dr Kenneth Kaunda.

Why should we Namibian forget so easily? Why Namibian we are so selfish? Why do Namibians like to twist things? The house in question is N$4 million and our newspapers keep on misinforming the public that the cost of the house is N$13 million. Did they really do the correct research and get the real price of the house or they just want to cause havoc among the public?

Why should we have to link this issue to every occurrence in this country?

I once have a problem with the news in the print media in this country. I really don't know if there is any media watch-dog in this country to make sure the reports are accurate and legitimate. People tend to write whatever they want to and it gets distorted by those unguided youth and unpatriotic Namibians, especially those of the previous dispensation.

It's only 23 years to forget all the suffering our people have to endure for 100 years! I was in exile and have seen how we as Namibians made these people (Zambia, Angolan, and Cubans etc.) suffer because of our presence there. And I know the people were no happy at all, and it is because of the firmness of their brave leaderships, the likes of Kaunda, Agustihno Neto and others, that we managed to be accommodated in their territories.

And we were not there because everybody was happy; it was because they felt sympathy for the future and for the total liberation of Africa. Angola and Zambia suffered emotionally and economically. They were made battlefields by the white minority regime which terrorized all the inhabitant of these two great countries so that they could not support us! Today the same people (who sided with the boers) are now behind doors promoting hatred and distorting information through the so called news and sms in the public and private news papers!

It is shameful to read every now and then people complaining about useless things. The money donated has nothing to alleviate poverty, being donated or not this money was no made for that specific project, therefore Namibian we must learn to appreciate what others have done for us as a nation. The given house to an old man is just a symbol of the recognition the Zambian people have done for all of us you and me. It was through the sacrifices of the Zambian and Angolan peoples that today most of you born-frees are enjoying freedom and good education in this country.

My blame goes directly to The Namibian news paper, it has a tendency of promoting havoc and divisions. Why does it publish inaccurate information if the right people have made it clear that the amount mentioned was not accurate? Why not correct the error and give the right and correct figure to the public? This inaccurate information is read by everyone in this world, if this is how we are as Namibians, we are such an unthankful nation.

The former South African apartheid regime used all what they had in power to make sure that they destroyed our economy, and the economies of those neighboring countries. How many helicopters were here, and Casspirs running day and night? Have we already forgotten? Today we cannot even buy a single plane as nation, yet we are being hijacked by this petty bourgeois to obliterate our own comrades who helped us!

The donated house will remain a symbol of appreciation and will serve as symbol of unification for both nations. Kaunda is old and soon or later he will go were all of us will go, but this property will remain there for future and will serve all Zambian.


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura