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Watch out for pikinini politicians

ZIMBABWE has certainly reached a critical milestone in her political development with a referendum on a new constitution just a stone's throw away and harmonised elections within earshot.

The country should expect vicious political kickboxing by countries that have been denied an observer status in the two processes when their known heinous desire is to have this country as their own.

Our Government shut out the European Union and the United States of America from observing voting in the referendum and in the elections thereafter - which are expected to herald a new political era for the country - while inviting observers from the Sadc, Comesa, the African Union and other friendly countries.

Her pride wounded by the exclusion, Britain, a former coloniser of this country, has shamelessly said the polls will not be free and fair without the participation of EU observers. This pre-judgment would have been laughable were it not clearly ominous. For since when has her majesty's government been vested with the power of pre-knowledge, like God, of the outcome of the voting yet to take place?

To begin with, the British, who teamed with the United States and the EU to impose illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe, behaves in a paternalistic way as though Zimbabweans were still British subjects.

In fact, to invite Britain and America and the EU to take part as observers in the polls would have been tantamount to saying thank you to those countries for additional, satanic kicks and chops of Zimbabweans whose lives have been rendered virtual nightmares by illegal sanctions.

The sanctions were slapped on the country as punishment for introducing an agrarian revolution that has drastically transformed the lives of the masses whose land had been seized by European settlers in colonial Rhodesia. Indeed, how could the Government have justified any invitations as observers to people whose countries have worked tirelessly since land reform in 2000 to render the Government of Zimbabwe dysfunctional as a way of exacting regime change?

But of course Britain's proclaimed fore-knowledge of what it says will not be free or fair polls should be taken seriously by Zimbabweans as signalling that country's Machiavellian manoeuvres to sabotage the polls perhaps not directly but by throwing the West's local stooges into the fray to do the donkey work for the imperialists. What this suggests is that patriotic and peace-loving Zimbabweans should watch out for those among us who have still not discovered themselves as people who are free and independent and with a capacity for self-actualisation and self-determination.

These are politicians who look to foreign powers for validation as competent Africans and with that competency weighed against their ability to deliver on the demands of contemporary imperialists.

As any politically literate black person should know, former colonial powers in Africa may have been given short shift at the dawn of African independence, but they are a species of human creation that knows no defeat. As such, they will use their money and sweet, deceptive language where necessary to make their erstwhile colonies assume the status of political copycats of the foreign countries.

If this were not so, would we in Zimbabwe have political leaders that claim to "love our people" but at the same time hunt with imperialist hounds for opportunities to get into power at any cost whatsoever.

Such leaders obviously shirk their expected responsibilities of shielding the country from foreign machinations and working to improve the lot of the people they claim to serve by turning themselves over as Trojan horses for the country's enemies instead. The message for Zimbabweans from this pen is that every patriotic son and daughter of the soil should become a watchdog against these pikinini politicians among us who want to feel big by working for and being bankrolled by imperialist powers that want to keep a stranglehold on Zimbabwe politically and economically.

We are our own protectors and God helps those who help themselves, it is said and with unmitigated truth.

But if Zimbabweans do not close their ranks to thwart any mischief-makers having field days in the referendum and the elections, the British and their ilk will say: "We told you that your grapes are sour, didn't we?"


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura