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Vote SWAPO Party, Vote Pohamba for President

H.E. Cde President Hifikepunye Pohamba is the only presidential candidate for 2009 Namibian Presidential Elections and all other Presidential nominees from opposition parties are just mere residential candidates destined for their homes. This is true because after the Presidential Election all opposition leaders will not go to State House but will go straight to their own residence where they will always belong. The SWAPO PARTY and its Presidential Candidates will always maintain a hundred percent election victory and respectfully go to state house now and till the judgment day.

However, one of the newly formed political tribal projects Leader does not have his own house but ironically reside in SWAPO Party bought house and yet he oppose SWAPO Party, what a contradiction? One wonders at the generosity of SWAPO Party for not reclaiming its property from a traitor. In my own considered opinion the oppositions nominees are not worth state house nor capable of leading Namibia even for half a day but the only place they can perhaps be able to lead is their residence / homes as fathers and step fathers. The reason being that, the opposition leaders in Namibia simply lack the ability to do the work because most of them are physically, mentally expired and beyond repair. They are such cowards that the slight criticism against them they run to their friends in the judiciary to seek quick money from lawsuits.

Some of them even fail to govern their own personal lives and properties. We have learnt from the media (Informante, Thurday, 10 September 2009) that APP (All People‘s Party) hopeful is in a court battle and face the possibility of being evicted from his residence because of N$60,448.00c water and electricity bills. What this literally means is that APP Presidential Nominee is unable to manage his personal life and home affairs.

Now, how can a nobody who can not run his own personal life be entrusted to run the country and take care of people‘s lives? A nobody cannot take care of somebody. Furthermore, we have equally learnt from the Media (Informante, Thursday, 18 June 12009) that a certain RDP Presidential nominee fainted when they were busy glorifying Queen Elizabeth at the British High Commissioner’s official residence. He fainted while having a cup of tea in his hand and this clearly shows that he lacks the power to even lift a cup of tea from his hand to take it to his mouth as a result he fainted and only recovered when he reached his residence because he is a residential candidate.

Now if someone is unable to lift a cup of tea, how can he lift our country from the economic meltdown? May I seize this opportunity to advice the RDP nominee to concentrate on his residential matters than presidential ambitions because the presidential election results announcement might be detrimental to his health and lead him to Intensive care unit in the hospital? Which is unfortunate situation which I do not wish to any living creature on earth. The people of Namibia know him to well as a successful failure manifested in PIDICO, AMCOM and the list is long. In a nutshell the RDP Presidential Nominee is bad news and physically expired. The later can be equally attributed to the hundred times recycled advanced aged Presidential Nominees of DTA, UDF, COD ,RP, NUDO and other political tribal projects which were severely defeated by Cde Dr Sam Nujoma in the past Presidential Elections. Ironically, the abovementioned opposition parties Leaders and NSHR brainless Director were in the past presidential elections very much vocal and instrumental in discrediting and campaigning against the third term of Cde Dr Sam Nujoma as proposed by the majority people of Namibia saying he must retire because he is too old while most of them are still hanging-up to power and craving for state house as old and depleted as they are. This, to me is a serious intellectual dishonesty of the highest order ever committed in Namibia and most these opposition leaders are victims of disorganized minds. The Founding President of the Republic of Namibia, who is a world icon, is hundred percent fit and full of energy to an extent that he volunteered on heavy national projects such as rice transplantations, railway constructions and the list is long while those who claim to be young cannot even afford to do manual work or even to lift a spade. I therefore, beg to propose that those in opposition political projects who were saying the Founding President of the Republic of Namibia should step down as Head of State must be honest to themselves and remove their names from the 72 party lists of parliamentary candidates just like what H.E, Cde Hifikepunye Pohamba, did and only contest for Presidency. The mere fact that all opposition leaders are on 72 party list as well as presidential candidates list shows us how insecure, greedy and power hungry they are.

For the past few years Namibia has witnessed leadership nothingness in COD which has resulted in COD being sliced like a birthday cake between the splinter groups. Now, if a COD leader of 300 members from the some church (FFF) as it was formed and is unable to lead and unity such a small membership base how can he day dream of leading a country of more than two million people? The DTA leader in the past presidential elections promised each Namibian a tractor but up until today there is no tractor or sign of tractors delivered to the electorates as promised.

In Namibia it is only the SWAPO PARTY that has implemented its party manifesto fully and this is the party worth voting for and not political opportunists such as DTA which literally means Death to Africa.

Namibians and Namibia as country deserves trusted leaders such as the SWAPO Party Candidate H.E. Cde Hifikipunye Pohamba. His name Hifikepunye means “I am not your equal”. This is true because he is the might. No one equals his outstanding presidential standards and caliber to lead Namibia and Namibians to the attainment of vision 2030. Thank you to the prophetic Founding President and Father of the Nation,Cde Dr Sam Nujoma whose wisdom surpass mankind‘s understanding because he saw the caliber of President Pohamba before everyone else. We are impressed with his five years term of office which has witnessed considerable easy of life in Namibia as such he ought to have a second chance to lead us as a president because he has the ability and energy to do the work better than any opposition leader/s.

In conclusion, it is biblically tested that god created people in his own image and in Namibia the people are SWAPO and SWAPO is the People and now if you are not a SWAPO Party Member then what are you? Stop deceiving yourself with foreign funded political tribal political projects in the name of opposition parties because you lack the mandate, history and solid foundation which SWAPO Party enjoys from the Namibian people.

It is evident that SWAPO Party is hot and strong each and every passing day towards the election and soon all opposition parties will be electro shocked through the ballot box and forever buried in a political scrap yard. It is a well known fact that all peace loving Namibian will always vote for SWAPO Party and SWAPO Party will win all 72 seats in the National Assembly and govern Namibia until the second coming of Jesus Christ, amen.


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura