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Viva Commandante Fidel Castro!

I have never been to your country. But I have seen you on the Namibian Soil. You walked tall and proud; Your steps were marked with triumphant rhythms. I saw you embracing our Leader of the Namibian Revolution Dr. Sam Nujoma. It feels like I have been to your revolutionary country. Namibia is also your country after all. You liberated it through solidarity and sacrifice.

The US Government which imposed its barbaric economic sanctions against your country sided with our yesteryear enemies: Apartheid South Africa and its bandit allies of UNITA. The irony of history is that some who are now claiming to be our genuine friends, were our lawful obstacles and impediments on the path to our self-determination and independence. Freedom is here now, political but economic freedom is in the hands of the younger generations of Cuba and Namibia.

It is your 87th Birthday this month. I have seen no adverts in the local media to celebrate your 87th Birthday Comandante Fidel Castro. Perhaps we are shy; perhaps we don't want to hurt our new friends; or perhaps we are complacent in this political independence that is why we don't remember it.

We shall never forget however the contribution and sacrifices you have made to Namibia and Namibians. I must tell you that Fidel Castro School was recently inaugurated in Windhoek's informal settlement. The Fidel Castro Avenue is also in the capital city of Windhoek. Former students of Cuba recently congregated in the northern town of Eehnana to celebrate and commemorate their fond memories of life in Cuba. There were salutations for Comandante Fidel Castro.

We can never forget that the blood of Cuba has spilled for the independence of Namibia, Angola, South Africa and many other places. It is true; the blood of the Cuban martyrs waters our freedom too. We can never forget the Battle of Kuito Kuanavalle and many others. It is pleasing that I gradually see the Cuban comrades are here as doctors, technicians, engineers and so forth. They arepartners and genuine friends in nation building and waging the second liberation struggle of economic empowerment and independence. Therefore, Comandante Fidel Castro, I wish you Happy 87th Birthday endowed with endless good health, wisdom and the militancy to bequeath your legacy of revolutionary conduct and anti-imperialist solidarity to the present and future generations.

It is my dream that one day my voice shall transmit to you these words of appreciation; one day I shall shake your revolutionary hands. Your life has freed us; your life has been our freedom; the freedom of not only Cubans but the freedom of Namibians and all of humanity the world over.

Happy 87th Birthday Comandante Fidel Castro

Dr. Elijah Ngurare Secretary of SWAPO Party


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura