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VIEW POINT: South Africa's Pattern Of Anarchy

By Udo W. Froese
Some 30 years ago, the ANC's intelligence unit, Mbokodo, predicted and warned the leadership that the architects of apartheid, the controllers of the apartheid wealth, have a clear plan for the African National Congress and the South African Communist Party (SACP) on their return to South Africa.

In brief, both, the ANC and the SACP's leadership would be character assassinated and systematically killed. The above mentioned report also spelt out that they would murder Chris Hani, character assassinate recalled, former president Thabo Mbeki and the incumbent, Jacob Zuma.

First of all they killed Chris Hani. Those powerful architects of grand-apartheid followed it up by sowing mayhem and corruption and a never-ending onslaught through its networks, including their economic structures, the academia and the corporate mainstream media. Their dirty tricks always include character assassination.

Within the above context, this writer will focus on the small grouping actively working on an orchestrated destabilisation programme, as well as the string of events that are honed in on paving the way to anarchy.

South Africa's security cluster was to be undermined from the onset. An attempted military coup d'état in the gardens of the government buildings, the Union Buildings in Pretoria, had taken the form of a "protest march to achieve better salaries for the soldiers".

The endless "Marikana Debacle" followed. A five-month-long war between the owners of the mining companies and their mineworkers with the mine-labourers union AMCU having taken the lead, in the end did not achieve its set goals. The mineworkers did not receive R12 500 salary per worker per month, as was called for.

Meanwhile, the strike destabilised South Africa economically and certain platinum regions of the country politically. There was simply no winner. And, the working class's loss was indeed the highest. In fact, they are the real losers.

To date, no one has taken the responsibility for having given the order to shoot at the protesters on the one hand, using firearms against the police force on the other. It is crucial that it comes out who had given the orders to shoot. If not, no one in South Africa will be safe.

From the onset, the mining bosses were informed about the exploitation of the mineworkers. Therefore, they knew fully well of the developments on the ground and what was coming. The strategists of Marikana and their benefactors seem to be sitting tight. The likes of BHP Billiton, Glencor/Xstrata and Lonmin would have been well informed about the developments on the ground and in the mineshafts. Who actually funds AMCU and the EFF? This question remains unanswered. But, the answers will come out.

Another illegitimate structure targeting and undermining mainly the poor majority is 'etolls' around Johannesburg, Midrand and Pretoria. This system was brutally lobbied and signed into law despite serious protests. It will cost the ruling party dearly in the forthcoming municipal elections.

Then, there is Nkandla, of course. The public protector, Thuli Madonsela, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and its leader, Julius Malema, the political opposition and the corporate mainstream media push the propaganda that Jacob Zuma plundered the state coffers of R246million to fund his private home in KwaZulu/Natal, Nkandla. The mediapromotes anarchy.

Public protector, Thuli Madonsela, has become the prosecutor and a politician, operating beyond her mandate.She reports to the public through the media and not to parliament. Madonsela should be well aware that her approach is wrong. But, she seems to be elevated to a level she was never part of. The public protector has moved on to a presidential level.

It is however, incorrect to place a chapter-9 institution above parliament. This is a serious abuse of the constitution. The constitution is very clear having all the elements of governance. Thuli Madonsela should re-read the constitution and understand it.

Chapter-9 institutions are answerable to parliament and not the other way around. It is not her job to campaign, but to leave it to parliament to debate and take it forward. Madonsela cannot square up to parliament. Parliament is supreme and she is not above parliament. She however, postures herself by calling on members of parliament to call her. This is strange. Isshe power drunk, not understanding her office?

Media celebrities such as the Kenyan academic Shedrak Gutto and judge Denis Daviesalso seem to play a guiding role for the public protector. At one stage, Gutto had to flee his home country, Kenya, to live in Sweden for trying to undermine the Kenyan government. When confronted he fled to Sweden for reasons of insurrection and he knows it too well.

Once Zimbabwe had become independent, Gutto moved to Harare as an academic at the University of Zimbabwe. There he was allegedly attempting to get students to rebel against Prime Minister Robert Mugabe and his government. Gutto was expelled and left for London overnight. Soon after South Africa had a democratically elected majority government in place, Gutto headed for UNISA in Pretoria. He married a South African and became a naturalised South African. He was then placed in an accessible position for the local corporate media to use his "expert" opinions on almost everything. He is a jack of all trades and master of none.

The public protector, the EFF and the corporate media continue to mislead the public on Nkandla. It is on record that out of the R246million an amount of R60million is owed by the president and his family. It is on parliamentary record that Jacob Zuma did accept that he and his family would pay the R60million back. But, the agents of misinformation conveniently ignore this.

The attempt at character assassinating Jacob Zuma over Nkandla does not add up. However, there is a two-pronged approach in Cape Town's Parliament on trying to achieve anarchy in parliament.

First, it undermines the authority, credibility and respectability of the House. The institution would have no decorum. It would lead to a non-functional parliament and finally to anarchy. Second, anarchy in parliament would lead to a further attempt to bring about a coup d'état and "regime change" in South Africa.

Currently, South Africans are subjected to a continuous 'stress test' in efforts to collapse the economy and eventually government through orchestrated anarchy. Who will benefit and at what cost?


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