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To put the record straight

By Dr. Ngarikutuke Tjiriange
While I was resting peacefully in my bed at my house, I was called to the telephone that there was someone who wanted to talk to me urgently. I reluctantly went out of my bed and took the telephone. It was Tangeni Amupadhi on the line. The first question which came to my mind was how did he get my house number?

He started by apologising for having disturbed me but he wanted to know from me about what I said at the CC meeting about Kamuzu Banda. I wondered as to where he got the information from about the mentioning of Kamuzu Banda but I however took it that he might have heard about it at the press briefing. He said I spearheaded the reaction on the issue of Kamuzu Mbanda and he wanted to know in which context I took the issue. Since it was a non-issue as far as I was concerned, I laughed off the issue and I did not take it seriously. However, I had a feeling that he is going to write about it any way.

Hesitantly I clarified that I did not spearhead and talk about Kamuzu Mbanda but I just said that Kamuzu Mbanda could not be compare to Kwame Nkurumah and Julius Njerere since he a had been a friend of the pariah regime of South Africa. The others that is Kwame Nkurumah, Julius Njerere fought against colonialism while Mbanda was a friend of South Africa which was oppressing the black people of South Africa and Namibia.

Now first and foremost Tangeni Amupadhi must come out clearly and tell us as to who told him about the discussion on this issue which was brought before the CC meeting where he was not present. In the first place his source was not truthful. There was, in the first place, no discussions about Kamuzu Mbanda. And for what reason did his source tell him about the mentioning of Kamuzu Mbanda in the CC meeting? Who is this source and what did the source try to achieve by telling Tangeni Amupadhi about the issue of Kamuzu Mbanda?

I am saying these things because for anyone who does not know what transpired, it might be concluded from the article in the Namibian that I had initiated the talk with Tangeni Amupadhi about the mentioning of Kamuzu Mbanda at the CC meeting. In the first place why did the source find it necessary to tell Tangeni Amupadhi that I spearheaded the argument about Kamuzu Mbanda? Who is this source and what did he or she try to achieve in the first place by going to Tangeni Amupadhi with the none issue? Now for Tangeni Amupadhi to say that I told the "Namibian" newspaper as if I am the one who went to the News paper while indeed he was the one who woke me up in my sleep and talked to me about Kamuzu Mbanda issue was in the first place misleading and uncalled for.

As far as I am concerned this was a none issue and why Tangeni Amupadhi should go out of his way to phone people who are resting peacefully and at the end exaggerate the issue is surprising.

In conclusion, I want to know from Tangeni Amupadhi:

(a) Who is the person who told him about the mentioning of Kamuzu Mbanda by me? As it is in the paper now the impression is created that I went myself to the paper with the story.

(b) What else did his source tell him about what transpired? (c) What did this source of Tangeni Amupadhi want to achieve by telling him whatever it did tell him?

With due respect, I respect the right of free expression and free press but I totally condemn this tendency of trying to ex aggerate none issues and make them to be even first page issues in the newspaper for reasons only known to those who are doing this.

I want hereby like to tell Tangeni Amupadhi that he should never again phone me and play with my name in the manner which he has done on this none issue. He should never phone me anymore since he seems to have an agenda of tarnishing peoples' names by being sensational.

In fact at one point in time I wanted to publish my articles in the "Namibian" to inform the nation on more important issues but for reasons only known to them they were not interested or eager to accommodate me in their paper. Why Tangeni Amupadhi now phoned me when they want to exaggerate issues and find me acceptable to their paper is surprising.

I do not discuss issues of the Central Committee with any press or anybody and if he wants to get more information about what had happened in the central committee he should better approach the office of the secretary general of the party but not me who in the first placed his paper shunned in the past.


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura