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To be a young Pan Africanist

By Sacky Genava Ya Namwandi
During our struggles for national independence, young Africans wererequired to be militarily,politically and diplomatically at theforefront of the liberation struggles of their respective countries.You can agree with me that they had fulfilled that noble task withdedication and total commitment.

In post colonial Africa, the mostpleasant tasks of young Pan Africanists remain to observe over theyears of independence how the institutions that were born/created soonafter their independences are taking shape, being refined andstrengthened; how they are being turned into real institutions withpower, vigor and authority among the African masses.

Young Pan Africanists ought to ensure that those institutions thatstarted off on a small scale with numerous difficulties andhesitations are turned into poweful institutions aimed at advancingthe continent's socioeconomic development. The question is: Are weyoung Africans still committed to those noble tasks? In recentmonths,we have been observing and witnessing how young Africans havebeen turned into useful tools of western countries.Look at whathappened in Egypt and Lybia; look at what is happen ing in Nigeriatoday! Until when shall we keep on betraying Mother Africa?

Now,comrades, I want to share my honest opinion on what a YoungAfricanist ought to be, to see if we all agree. I believe that thefirst thing that must charactarise a young Pan Africanist is thehonour he/she feels in being a young African, an honour that moveshim/her to let the world know he/ she is a young African. it does notmake him betray his own people at the hands of Western Imperialists.young Africans should should express Pan Africanist ideals at alltimes and from the bottom of their hearts,minds and they shoulddisplay that because it is their greatest pride. In addition to that,young Africans should have a great sense of duty, a sense of dutytowards societal transformation from poverty to prosperity,towards ourfellow Africans and towards all menkind all over the world. and alongwith that, deep sensitivity to all problems of the AfricanContinent,sensitivity to all forms of injustices; a sensitivity thatwill oppose every wrong doing, whoever commits it,declaring war onneocolonialism on the African Continent. Young Africans should alwaysbe open to new experiences, while at the same time guard againstbecoming tools of the socalled champions of democracy in the world inorder apply the many years of experience of African advancement alongthe road to the total decolonisation of the continent.

Young Africans must always strive to be the best at everything, feelupset when he/she is not and fight to improve, to be among the best ofthe world. Of course, we cannot all be the best,but we can be amongthe best of the world. Young Pan Africans must become role models forthose who do not cherish the ideals of being Africans, an example forthose who have lost faith in being Africans, and who always respondwell or dance to the tune of imperialists. Together with that,thereshould be a great spirit of brotherhood/ sisterhood, not only inheroic ventures but at all times, sacrifising to help fellow Africansin small and big tasks/ challenges.

Young Africans must alwaysremember that Mother Africa always appears like a virgin territory fornecolonial invansion. Changes have occured,that to a certain degreehave compelled colonialists to give up their former absolute colonies.But when the process continue without interuption to theirconclusion,colonialism gives way without violence to neocolonialism,with the same consequences in regard to economic domination.

We must definetly keep in mind that imperialism is a world system, thefinal stage of capitalism and it must be confronted in a greatworldwide confrontation,with the objective of totallydefeating/eradicating it.The task that falls to us,the exploitedpeople of Africa is therefore to eliminate the foundations which aresustaining imperialism. Our oppressed nations,from which capital,rawmaterials and cheap labour are are extracted, and to which tools ofdomination, goods of all kinds are exported, sinking Africa intoabsolute dependence. Our every action must therefore be a battle cry against imperialismand a call for for the unity of the African peoples.

against thegreatest enemy of human race-imperialism. What had taken place inLybia, Egypt and in many parts of the world in 2011, must not beallowed to continue further, otherwise Africa will always remain atthe mercy of greedy imperialists.



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