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Thousands bid farewell to Jackson Kaujeua
By Levi Upula

Thousands of people from all walks of life converged at the Parliament Gardens to bid farewell legendary musician, Jackson Kaujeua, who passed away last week Thursday in Windhoek.

Among those who attended the memorial service on Thursday included President Hifikepunye Pohamba, Prime Minister Nahas Angula, cabinet ministers, members of Parliament and members of the diplomatic corps.

In his message of condolences, President Pohamba, described the late Kaujeua as cultural icon of the liberation struggle who kept the flame of liberation burning through his music.

He sang of desire to come home but to come home to a free and independent Naimibia, said President Pohamba, adding that Kaujeua made people around the world, and even Namibia’s oppressors, aware of the cause of Namibia’s liberation struggle.

“He heightened the morale of our people during difficult times declaring that independence or death, we shall win. Comrade Kaujeua undoubtedly leaves a legacy of dedication to the struggle, dedication to art and indeed a dedication to the education of our people through song writing and performance,” said President Pohamba.

“He also leaves a legacy of modesty. Despite his enormous contribution to talent, Comrade Kaujeua remained humble, always ready to share his gift with young and old alike.”

The President urged the born-free generation to listen to his music and learn about the history of Namibia’s liberation struggle and the hardships that thousands of Namibians went through for the sake of freedom and independence.

“Comrade Kaujeua’s sacrifices are not in vain as we will continue to work together to make our country a better place,” said the President. “Those who have the talent to produce music should follow in his footsteps and immortalize his legacy. “They must continue to tell the story of our nation’s heroism, cultural diversity and national reconciliation.

“We shall forever remember that the winds of change have blown through southern Africa and Namibia became free, never to be colonized again.”

Founding President Dr Sam Nujoma described Kaujeua as a freedom fighter who encouraged and inspired Namibians through his liberation struggle songs, citing “Independence or Death, We shall Win” as one of Kaujeua’s popular songs.

He said Kaujeua never saw himself belonging to any ethnic group in Namibia as demonstrated by his music that was expressed in various indigenous languages of the country.

“By doing so, he laid a strong foundation of unity of purpose among all Namibians,” said the Founding President. “His music became identical to SWAPO’s political objectives of Solidarity, Freedom and Justice, above all: One Namibia One Nation.

“We have indeed lost a committed and dedicated son of our soil whose exemplary deeds should continue to inspire all Namibians to build a united, peaceful and prosperous Nation.”

Kaujeua, who is survived by four children, will be buried on Saturday at Ovitoto in Otjozondjupa Region.


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