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There was no communism to fight against

Dear Editor: The comments by a certain Mariain one of the weekly papers, obviously written under pseudoism by a former /or a group of former male soldiers cannot go by unchallenged as it harbors a threat to our peace and tranquility. It is reported amongst others that the war fought by SWATF was against communism, and the writer further on has the audacity to caution HE the Head of State Dr.Hifikepunye Pohomba, and quotes a certain Bible verse to be read in justification of his illicit version.

As a point of departure however, allow me to correct this person/s and draw him/them back to some factual realities.

Apartheid was declared by the UN and the entire world as the MOST horrible sin against humanity, and in order for the NP (National Party) to exist for ever , it was their strategy to retain their status quo hence heavily indoctrinated the mindset of SWATF/SWAPOL & Kovoet as well as other cohorts in all aspects of life.

And by so doing also successfully managed to infiltrate the education system with soldiers who not only served as guardians, but also as experts in the art of indoctrinating the white & black child against the so-called war against communism. This was subsequently echoed by youth groups in Owambo such as Etango, Ezuva in Kavango and many other etc , etc&.

The very same Bible which was used by the colonizers to illegally invade and to steal our continent from our ancestors was again utilized to illegally occupy Namibia for more than 10 decades, and justified their illegal invasion to destroy the infrastructure and to maim innocent civilians in the name of Christianity in neighboring SADC & frontline states.

And for the record ,Namibia is still a Christian country comprising of more than 90% Christians, and as far as other African countries is concerned , the so-called communism fear which was instilled in the mindset of many doesn't exist at all as everybody can still serve his/her religion without been harassed or prosecuted. Thanks to the SWAPO government which they used nullified as communist organization.

A massive task now lies now ahead for our young generation to accommodate this lost sheep with warm and receptive hearts home.

Long live the Republic of Namibia

Long live the Father of the Nation Dr Sam Nujoma

Long live the HE the Pres of the Republic of Namibia By Comrade Che


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura