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The social evil that led to my heart attack

Personal Account: Tekla Amadhila In the wake of the anti -Drug campaign mobilisation week declared by the Khomas Police the following article has been written by a 20 years old youth who's "experiment" with Canabis (marjiuana ) almost cost her life.

My doctor called it a state of mind, panic attack or hallucination but to me the feeling was deeper and existent. I called it the end of my young life. I was only 20 years old and the thought of the end was terrifying and heartbreaking. Who would have thought that my cause of death would have been a heart attack with implications of "puff of greens, kush a.k.a dagga"? , "What are you ladies doing tomorrow?" asked Hango*. "Caught up in the young, wild and free moment, I said nothing much, why?"

We found ourselves knocking on the door and were welcomed by three guys who looked rather young and decent. There was no music in the background and the atmosphere in the house seemed to be pretty laidback thus we started to question this party. I told my friends to chill and not get too over-worked because we would disappoint Hango* and we would seem like small girls or chickens. "So do you guys smoke?", "Aiye!" we exclaimed therefore we watched them puff and pass some thin looking piece of paper that was definitely not a cigarette.

My girls and I chatted along and did not really interact with the guys as there was not much to talk about seeing that we had nothing in common but the usual sex topic which is frankly demeaning as a lady. "Are you girls hungry?" he asked. "Kind of..." Selma* replied. In compliance with Selma's response, they offered us each a slice of appetizing chocolate cake. "Ta! You guys are not poisoning us right.lol?"

I exclaimed full of humor and we all laughed at my statement, nevertheless we ate and munched our perspective, scrumptious slices of cake. After 30 minutes of watching television, we burst out in mysterious laughter. I watched my friend dancing on the table and taking off her clothes casually, while my other friend was on the couch having some casual fun with one of the guys that she has just met. Knowing her I knew that she had too much dignity to do those actions, so something was wrong.

I, on the other hand became withdrawn and paranoid. It struck me that these guys planted something in the cake. The first thing that went to my mind was cannabis. I than vividly remembered a workshop I had in high school about drugs and alcohol and everything started to make sense. The cannabis a.k.a dagga plant contains an amount of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which has a terrorizing psychoactive effect.

Different People's bodies and minds react differently to this substance, some people become paranoid and anxious, some become hyper and full of energy, as women we are more vulnerable of this effect as we can be taken advantage of and end up having unprotected sex and being at risk of contracting all sorts of disease. There is nothing cool about losing control of one's actions. Some individuals however who have medical problems unknown to them for example low-blood pressures, (me for example) would be at risk of collapsing as the substance directly goes into the blood vessels, increasing the volume of blood pumped into the heart and eventually causing a heart attack which could lead to a traumatic death.

My experiences lead me to a turning point and As the Police has initiated an anti Drug campaign targeted for students in tertiary schools I could not contain my excitement thus decided, to write about my personal experience and save my fellow youth on destroying their lives with actions that are destructive and immoral. I could have ended up 6 feet under, The dealer could have ended up behind bars and my friends could have ended up in psychiatric wards but, NO we took charge of our lives and decided to act consciously in future with decisions that we make, as every Action indeed has a Consequence.

My consequence would have been the end of all my ambitions, dreams and visions of a successful future. For how long should we live in this lie of the ultimate social evil: Alcohol and Drugs? Let us take charge and be responsible youth to make a difference, after all we only live once and we got to live it right and make a mark.


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