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The nation of whites and blacks, racists and tribalists

By Salomo Mekondjo Nambinga
We are a free nation! We are free from oppression , apartheid and the yoke of colonialism. How ever, the lamb has not yet laid side by side with a lion. The duo cannot rest under the same shade 23 years after independence.

Our nation is still haunted by the evils of racism; whites and blacks syndrome and tribalism. It is a nation that is yet to subscribe fully to the ideology of One Namibia One Nation. The Policy of National Reconciliation that Dr Sam Nujoma, The Father of the Namibian Nation, declared after independence is taken for granted by some compatriots. The racial attack that took place in Gobabis recently is a clear testimony that our nation needs a proper healing. It is disheartening to hear that there are still places for 'WHITES ONLY' in an independent Namibia. This incident should no be taken lightly because one spark can burn the whole forest. We are a nation whose dark past is still fresh in our minds.

It must be noted that in an independent Namibia neither places for "blacks only" nor for "whites only" should exist. Why do these places still find roots in an independent Namibian? Are the law enforcement agents sleeping on duty? We are all human beings who are equal before the creator's eyes. God has never said whites are more human beings than blacks and vice- versa.

Equally, the supreme law of our land (Namibian Constitution) specifically article 10 and 23 respectively speaks volumes of the nation that we should be in this regard. Not only racism that is rearing its angry head but tribalism is also peeping out its angry and devilish eyes. When we have a nation where public figures are caught in tribalistic utterances, we have a reason as a nation, a people and a country to worry about the future of our country. Our nation is still caught in destructive stereotypes of this tribe is better than that tribe and all that. It must be noted that neither racism nor tribalism will build this nation. Racism and tribalism will destroy this nation to ashes. It must be further noted that there are so many good whites and blacks in this country.

Equally, there might be few bad whites and blacks in this country.

Let us do away with the destructive mentality of us and them. The way forward must be determined so that this "isms" do not tear our nation apart. We should go out and preach the gospel of One Namibia One Nation, National Reconciliation and Nationhood Let us condemn and fight against racism and tribalism as a team. Namibia is a great nation with great people. We shall overcome!

Salomo Mekondjo Nambinga SPYL activist


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