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The Namibian got it all wrong

By Joel Kaapanda
The five opinion pieces, which appeared in "The Namibian" newspaper, pages 10 - 11 last week have reference. These five opinion pieces are deliberately concocted and orchestrated in the board room in order to viciously attack the Namibian government its president and the founding president.

The five opinion pieces have gone beyond the norm of freedom of expression and criticism of people in leadership.

First of all Namibia is not falling apart. The country is on the right path of political and socioeconomic development, although we still have many challenges in education, health, housing and unemployment.

Government has plans to address problems besetting our education sector e.g. providing additional class rooms, text books and accommodation for teachers, to mention but a few.

In the health sector more clinics and hospitals have been built in all the 13 regions and old buildings are being renovated. Namibia has done very well in the health sector especially in the provision of ARV to patience living with HIV Aids and the prevention of mother-child HIV Infection. Namibia has been commended by the Director General of the World Health Organization for having done very well in this endeavour.

Furthermore, the government of the Republic of Namibia under this financial year has allocated funds to make-up for the short-fall as a result of cutting of funds to Namibia by Global Fund. In other words, the funding of HIV Aids and malaria programs will not be affected.

I want to further point out that the government of the Republic of Namibia is on top of its development agenda to provide health-care, education and the creation of jobs in order to reduce unemployment. In addressing unemployment, Government has allocated N$14 billion in the next three years for employment creation, under TIPEEG.

The allegation that things are falling apart in Namibia is a malicious statement devoid of all truth, because Namibia was ranked very high on the Good Governance Index by the World Economic Forum. It seems this article is an orchestrated scheme aiming at misleading and tarnishing the image of the country both at home and abroad. What we are experiencing in Namibia are challenges which have been perpetuated by the skewed socioeconomic conditions inherited from the colonial dispensation.

The featuring of the Founding President on the lower denomination of the bank notes has been politicized unnecessarily and described as a confirmation that the historical narrative of Namibia is about Swapo or Nujoma. This is a figment of the authors' imagination. The authors have decided not only to vilify the President and the Founding President but went to the extent of insulting them.

I wish to underline that the featuring of the Founding President's portrait on the N$10 and N$20 bank notes is to honour him for his contribution towards our national liberation of our country and for being the Founding President of the Republic of Namibia.

The featuring of the Founding President on the two bank notes does not diminish in any way the historical role Captain Hendrik Witbooi has played as a leader of the anti-colonial resistance in our country. Both men have performed heroic deeds in their respective historical eras, hence, the recognition bestowed on them. I therefore, find this opinion pieces offensive and seditious aimed at raising emotions among our people.

I wish to set the record straight that the decision to honour Captain Hendrik Witbooi came through a Cabinet decision. Similarly, Cabinet took a decision to honour the Founding President in the same way.

I wish to caution that when discussing political issues we must not whip up emotions to serve our political interests because this may have dire consequences.

I therefore wish to reject and condemn all the five opinion pieces with contempt they deserve.

Furthermore, I appeal to all Namibians of goodwill to denounce and reject these opinion pieces and continue to promote peace, social harmony and reconciliation.


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Windhoek, Katutura