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The lonely but worthy road that i traversed

By Mvula ya Nangolo
I wanted to write a book on unwavering political loyalty - and that would unreservedly apply to anyone including some-Johnny-come-Iately who are lurking in the wings of some of our country's dynamic national leaders such as the founding President of the Republic of Namibia Tatekulu Sam Shafiishuna Nujoma and the equally unwavering and political- diplomatic-battle-tested Uncle Lukas - meaning of course His Excellency President Hifikepunye Pohamba. For some of you over there reading this opinion piece to make it in my book's thought-wave you need to easily exhibit the quality of the afore-mentioned comrades on the spur of the moment and will then naturally rise to the occasion - some kindergarten politicians and homebrewed "Tombo" armchair revolutionaries will fall like a thousand dominoes.

To demonstrate 'word power' as the country's foremost poet, sorry, no ... what I should have said is that I am simply a poet by self-propelled choice, an Oniimwandi-village-born ( district of Uukwambi) villager and a well-educated long-serving 'damage-controller' of first - the national liberation movement which I joined in October 1961, boasting to possess a membership card signed by my Uncle Andimba Toivo ya Toivo and the unrecognized "Voice of Namibia" as Peter Mvula ya Nangolo" broadcasting from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania during the protracted armed national liberation struggle that hatched freedom, independence and a democratic constitution - one of a kind! Shall I continue to sing this song? Certainly not. I am no doubt some "Magnifico" and for your homework as a newspaper reader look it up!

Poets - you should have realized by now, that we are economic with words and tend to say more with a few words - always have a point-to-a-point to talk about myself. I have been quiet for some time, not writing my usual opinion piece. I turned 70 last year and I have been charging my batteries as it were but I am back on the scene with a bang! I hate it when some journalists refer to me as 'a poet: why? I am "the poet" - period! Give me my hard-earned honour as the first person to write and publish modern poetry in English in this Land of the Brave.

Talking about my 70th Birthday a year seemed to have rapturously tiptoed into the future -leaving behind special moments so caressed in my dreams about faces vividly remembered so distinctly not very long ago and many names that I correctly spelled on many a postcard while away. The mind of this poet in particular wants to simultaneously inquire names of a hundred-and-one places since life is known to be an endless race flying rapidly into what destiny has in store for some of us. The question remains though - where am I now on this road traversed by many souls prior. A remembered warm hug or a friendly well-meant kiss here, I still feel it here on my wrinkling face of many winters' walks on some road less travelled.


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