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The Former Commissioner is suffering from the political isolation

By Ndjebo ya Nepeti
Dear Editor, allow me a space in your esteem newspaper to raise my voice about the recent comments by Mr. Haulyondjaba, former NAMPOL Commissioner, regarding the mysterious circumstances around which the parents of Hon. Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana died. As indicated in the editorial of The Namibian newspaper, yes, she, Hon. Ithanajust like any other Namibian citizen deserves the right to know what happened to her parents or how they died.

I was only disturbed by the uncaring attitude which was displayed in the reaction of Mr. Haulyondjaba as reported in the media.

I thought Hon. Iivula-Ithana was referring to Mr. Haulyondjaba, when he was a Comrade and a Police Commissioner in theSWAPO led Government. It defies logic, why now Mr. Haulyondjaba is reactingthis way now that he has jumped the ship to join the RDP. Any average person would agree with me that it s justifiable for Meekulu to know the mystery surrounding the painful death of her parents, and thus does not need a lot of intelligence for Mr. Haulyondjaba as Swapo trained soldier, a Senior Police Officer, a good citizen and more importantly as the person in charge of Namibian Police Force in the region where the Suspect was interrogated to brief the Honorable minister. Just a little bit of common sense.

But instead of briefing the family of Ms Iivula-Ithana, Mr. Haulyondjaba has decided to keep it to himself. As normal practice and a norm in Oshiwambo culture, to which Mr. Haulyondjaba subscribes, we expected you to brief the Ms Iivula-Ithana who happens to be your comrade and a Senior Cabinet Minister and Leader in SWAPO Party, that time. In fact he has decided to reengineer the story to suit his political agenda in corroboration with his current mentors, the likes of Phill yaNangolo and others.

However, that is not the case Mr. Former Commissioner. He know very well that Namibia is a peaceful country and nobody would follow him as he alleged, those are his imaginations that suit his own psychology and a deliberately attempt to turn this into his political psychopath of cry babies that he and his cohort have been crying since 2007 after the establishment of their failed tribal political Party.

There is no one who would consider you as a fighter thus the Namibia state Machinery cannot be wasted in following suchlost and hopeless old men. However, I also understand him, because he is perhaps hallucinating about when he was chased away from Angola, the Angolans chased him from their country simple because he and his cohort has lost credential and thus have nothing share with people like him.

Comrade Pendukeni lost her parents and for that she needs to be supported and not to be turned into political fighting by those of you who are looking for limelight at the expenses of her deceased parents at the hand of apartheid regime. Mr. Haulyondjaba you know honestly, you have used that opportunity to explore your much hate arrogance on Comrade Pendukeni whom does not and will never consider you as a political competitor but she rather look at you as the misled senior citizen of country.

Rest assured Former Commissioner that the political party you have joined will never rule this country and frustration will continue without an end.

Ndjebo ya Nepeti
Onekweya- Ohangwena Region


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura