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The democratic tornado for RDP and DTA at the diamond town of Oranjemund

By Cde. Sioni Aluta Iikela
On the onset, let me applaud the SWAPO Party led government, together with the progressive and peace loving people of Namibia for keeping our democracy live and shinning.

Namibia is regarded as one of the excelling and an exemplary democratic nation in Africa and world over. One of the "bloody democratic nations", USA has applauded our democracy recently.

I must also commend the electoral Commission of Namibia for the job well done in conducting a free and fair election at Oranjemund on the 16th March 2012. The democratic battle at this town symbolized how strong our democracy is anchored.

This by-election just like the others that were conducted at Eenhana, Omuthiya and Tobias Hainyeko will remain a bad memories of the opportunistic parties such as RDP and DTA, their masters and all the political projects that are forsake of democracy prevalence are referred to as opposition parties.

As previous, RDP has been wrongly "honeymooning" thinking they are going to make inroad in Oranjemund. To their shock, people of Oranjemund rejected them, not that they are hating on them, but because democratically people of Oranjemund could not see any substance in RDP and DTA.

The Kaura-Botha's party that has been fighting in favor of colonization of Namibia was completely buried and I think they have learnt a lesson or two.

This was a political tornado. Interestingly, I'm informed that some opposition parties' leaders even went to the extent of trying to turn church services into political rallies; thanks to the progressive Pastors for noticing this try and errors habits of oppositions. The pastors denied opportunities to such parties.

Our democracy was achieved through bloodshed; hence it must not be taken for granted. Similarly, our elections must not be taken for granted.

This thing of political parties handpicking people to represent them in election is undemocratic and it must be condemned by all democratic people of Namibia. People to represent political parties in elections as candidates must come from a process, but not from sating room arrangements. Why are we not reflecting democracy in our respective political parties? I'm told some parties just went and convinced some people to join their party prior to the election, just few days before the election and these are the people who went to represent these parties as candidates.

Are we really taking the plight of our people serious? I think our electoral law must be amended so that political parties are compelled to democratic processes within their structures. It is indeed regrettable that our people are forced to be led by the people whose capacity are not tested, but are just picked to represent a certain party forsake of participating in the election. For example, a blood stained party, DTA has been bitching around with the election in Oranjemund, one day they are not participating, the other day they are participating.

When did thry elect for their representative? This must never be allowed again. Our political parties must be serious such that structures are alive through out, but not just during the election. I would like to commend the SWAPO Party leaderships for keeping in touch with the masses and taking the aspirations of the people serious. I would however edge the leaderships to make sure that all that planned for the people of Oranjemund are implemented.

This include the management of NAMDEB; it must make sure that the people that are working for them are taken care of in terms of housings. I hope the management that is believed to be clouded with retrogressive minds will not be just faint into political frustration due to the election results that is catastrophic to some of the managers in NAMDEB.

Finally, I would like to see accelerated developments taking place in NAMDEB and I hope the SWAPO Party representative in the Local Authority of Oranjemund will not be transformed by the system and bureaucracies as the case in many Local Authorities. The first leadership of Oranjemund must ensure services delivery and that our people especially poor and pensioners are well taken care of.

Viva SWAPO Party... Viva Democracy... Viva Namibia...

A Luta Continua!!

Cde. Sioni Aluta Iikela
SPYL Secretary: Swakopmund District


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura