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The changing face of Windhoek

By Kaarina Nairenge
Many of us can recall when it was just the Kalahari Sands Hotel that dominated the skyline of Windhoek, silhouetted against a purple and orange sky, standing tall over its peers. But the face of the town is changing. Now the Old Mutual Tower added height and bulk to the look and the newcomer, The Hilton Hotel, also changes how our postcard worthy skyline is seen.

The face of Windhoek is becoming taller and more magnificent.

No, it does not rival New York or Joburg at this stage but the changes are myriad and occurring all around us. Some are large and in your face, like the Hilton and other alterations to the skyline are more subtle, like the SAMSUNG lettering adorned atop the Channel Life Building by innovative outdoor advertisers Media Solutions and the facelift given to Carl List Haus by Broll.

Windhoek is changing and fast growing. You can actually see the changes taking place and the construction happening.

If you were here just ten years ago and left to return today it would not be by much of a stretch of imagination to say that the city has altered its appearance dramatically in that time.

Besides the skyline, a lot of other small changes have happened to our city in the last few years that affect our daily lives.

A returnee might notice that the taxis all have numbers and letters to identify them, making us marginally safer. There are also standing clocks dotting the landscape at taxi ranks and intersections alike making us realize that yes, as always, we are late.

All is not lost though as there are still some familiar landmarks to mark the way. The Post Street mall is still staffed by curio vendors, the café at Zoo Park is still on standby with your coffee, and the original clock tower is still standing there, possibly proud of all the younger clocks that have joined him in reminding us of our tardiness.

But one thing for sure, small as it is, Windhoek is moving with the times!

Kaarina Nairenge is a fourth year media student at UNAM and resident of long time of Windheok


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