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The African Union must take charge

By Cde Naftali Kambungu
Is it possible for the whole Africa to have peace and security during these challenging and trying times? Is it possible for Africans to solve their own problems without the involvement of America and Europe?

Is it possible for Africa to maintain financial transparency in this corrupt generation? This article attempts to present answers to many of these burning questions. It shows how to be loyal to the call of Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana in the midst of adversities. Some African countries are very stable in terms of peace and security but they exhibit policies that conflict with the peace and security they have.

Africa can only be stable when we have convincing foreign policies. When I am talking about foreign policy I want to begin with Namibia because an African proverb says "charity begin at home. Namibian foreign policy needs to go under major scrutiny and transformation.

Africa needs to undertake industrialization and greater economic integration. We have many resources, more than enough, that is why it surprises me when I hear some African countries begging for foreign aid. Is there a possibility for African countries to start an industrial revolution? Yes, that is why God gave Africa abundant resources. At the moment I am articulating huge infrastructural backlogs, backlogs in higher education, health and other basic services etc as areas where we need to concentrate on.

Africa Union must do everything at it's disposal to end conflicts in DRC, Guinea Bissau, Mali and Somali. We don't need America and Europe in those countries for solution since they are the ones that are instigating and fuelling those conflicts. I was angry to see French military machinery arriving in Mali in the name of combating al- Qaeda. My question to America and Europe remains: Why do the west only combat al-Qaeda in mineral-rich nations? Mali is endowed with abundant resources such as gold (Africa's third largest),uranium, diamond and oil that is why France is running to horde those resources.

You don't need to be a political scientist to define this act as neo-colonialism. I am telling you sincerely that France's involvement is not to safeguard Africa's sovereignty but to safeguard neo-colonialism. I also cannot understand how did the African Union become a toothless giant. The current crop of African leaders must respond to the youth in their respective countries because they are the leaders of today while the youth are the leaders of tomorrow. Let alone Africa solve it's own conflicts. Let Africa unite.

Let the African Union take charge of African Affairs and safeguard peace and tranquility on the continent.

Cde Naftali Kambungu is SPYL Secretary of Justice,Member of National Executive Cmmittee and Central Committee.


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