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Teachers, Nurses and Pastors are heroes too

By Dr. Elijah Ngurare, Secretary of SWAPO Party Youth League
It was the dream of every boy and girl in my village to become a mitili (teacher), sestera (nurse) and musita (pastor). There was simply no greater profession than the above. Those years, in any given community or family, to have these professions was the greatest blessing. Teaching was considered a calling, nursing was a calling and ministering too was calling jointly meant to mold society for the common good of both young and old.

Since independence in 1990, our government has commendably prioritized education and health and allocated it the largest portion of national budget. The modern teacher and nurse are employed to serve our communities in constituencies and regions far and wide. I see them on a daily basis in schools and hospitals all across the country. The pastor too is administering in villages and towns of our country spreading the message of hope to the teachers and nurses and the wider society.

Thank you to the Ministry of Health and Social Services for employing thousands as nurses mostly youth and train them as such to serve the profession of nursing. Notably, the Ministry also has regional buses for all 13 Regions, which transport patients to and from Windhoek literally on a daily basis. In each of this bus sits a nurse. At all health facilities works a nurse identified in a trademark uniform of the nursing profession.

The nurse is therefore that friendly helper who is by our side at a time when we are sick, caring for us with a smile, kindness and patriotic compassion. It is that calling for service that requires commitment and dedication.

Thank you to the Ministry of Education for employing thousands as teachers mostly youth, to educate our nation. A teacher, by far, is the most important profession in the world. A teacher taught everybody who is somebody today. After all, it was a teacher who taught even a nurse and pastor to become who and what they are today and tomorrow.

We all know too well that the first teacher is the parent, but beyond that is the teacher in the classroom or under a tree. To those who are teachers in our modern society you are a special citizen with the responsibility to teach the whole nation. You may be in rural or urban areas, but your work is to teach, teach and teach. There is bush allowance for teachers and hopefully also for nurses and pastors. The common denominator is that of hard work, commitment and patriotic dedication to the calling for service to the people and country.

On the other hand, the role of church yesterday, today and tomorrow in our society cannot be separated from the kind of education we impart to our children. This is not to say that we are unaware of the secular state we adopted by compromise in 1990.

Further, it also should not mean that we abandon our African values and norms, but rather to recognize that in the modern social challenges of democracy and globalized cultural imperialism of Hollywood, religion and especially Christian upbringing must be a national imperative in raising our children to become full and complete members of our proud society marching towards and beyond Vision 2030. It is my opinion therefore that teachers, nurses and pastors who are properly and patriotically empowered can become the heroic ingredients of progress that we require to steer and transform our Nation into the promise land of unity, peace and economic prosperity.


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura