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"Take over of Helmut Bleks Foundation", government urged

By Levi Upula
The Helmut Bleks Foundation located on the outskirts of Windhoek has been making news headlines since 2010 when its students protested because the courses offered at the institution are not accredited with the Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) and neither registered with the Namibia Training Authority (NTA). The Helmut Bleks Foundation is an institute for Home and Agriculture on the farm Baumgartsbrunn about 40 kilometers west of Windhoek.

On the occasion of the launch of Jerry Ekandjo Branch over the weekend, calls were made for the government to take over the Helmut Bleks Foundation because of the bad treatment its students are receiving. These were the views of Cdes Chief Ankama and Dr. Elijah Ngurare.

Both indicated that while appreciating the good intentions of the late Helmut Bleks Foundation which was meant to train young women in domestic science, it was regretful to learn that this school was threatened with closure and thus putting in jeopardy the legacy of the late Bleks.

"Therefore we call on the Ministry of Education to rescue this legacy and prevent the Helmut Bleks Foundation from being closed. The Ministry of Education should urgently consider all options, including possible take over and paying compensation if necessary," said Chief Ankama Students from all over Namibia have gone through this vocational training centre since its establishment. While relying on foreign donors, mainly from Germany, the Namibian government through NTA has also been subsidizing the school.


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