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SWAPO Party Regional Coordinators on: "When President Deals in Untruths and Pedestrianism".

As Regional Coordinators of our mighty SWAPO Party in all fourteen regions, we wish to counter the claims published on page 15 of the 23 - 29 June issue of the Confidente Newspaper, titled When President Deals in Untruths and Pedestrianism. It is our considered view that Comrade Job Amupanda has displayed a high level of injudiciousness in his analysis of Comrade Hage Geingob.

Cde. President Geingob is an enlightened and pioneering leader, continuing in the footsteps of his predecessors, first the Founding Father Cde. Sam Nujoma and then our Second President Cde. Hifikepunye Pohamba, to safeguard the SWAPO Party legacy. As we say in SWAPO Party, the Party we trust, the legacy continues.

In pre-independence political marches, people stood up against Apartheid and colonial oppression, dedicating their lives to demonstrations and armed struggle to demand their right to freedom and democracy, so that they could partake in free elections to choose their own leaders. Furthermore, during that era, people could not elect their leaders due to lack of freedom and democracy; hence they undertook wars of liberation or in other circumstances, unconstitutional means because the path to free election was closed. In democracy, people have the right to participate in periodic elections to elect their preferred candidate.

We had democratic, free and fair elections in this country. First, the Presidential and National Assembly and then the Regional and Local Authority elections. As Sovereigns, after buying into the SWAPO Party Election Manifesto, Namibians voted for Comrade Geingob as President with a mandate of 87% while SWAPO Party Members of Parliament in the National Assembly are there with 82% mandate and in the National Council with 93% mandate. President Geingob obtained his Team in Cabinet from the SWAPO Party Members of Parliament.

As the third President of the Republic of Namibia and the third President of SWAPO Party, Comrade Geingob was handed the unenviable task of bringing prosperity to all Namibians.

It is therefore categorically clear that we, like the majority of the enlightened Namibians voted Comrade Geingob, a leader who has the credentials and political acumen to take Namibia forward, while maintaining peace, stability and security which we so dearly cherish.

As we alluded to earlier, Comrade Geingob is a leader who was directly and democratically elected in free and fair elections by the Namibian people for a 5-year term. Why do we now, after him being one year and four months in Office, want to return to demonstrations and conflict instead of giving President Geingob, our democratically elected Leader, and his Team the time to implement SWAPO Party Programmes and policies that, we, the Namibian people bought in, before passing judgement? We cannot resort to the chaos we have witnessed elsewhere over years where democratically elected leaders are removed trough unconstitutional means by embittered and frustrated political failures. People without a democratic mandate and the numbers of support should know their place.

We urge all Namibians to wait until the 5-year term of Office has lapsed to judge whether he has delivered on his promises. In the meantime, it is best if some rogue elements shied away from copying and pasting the behaviour of some rebellious delinquents from other countries.

In academic writing, an argument is usually a main idea, often called a "claim" or "thesis statement," backed up with evidence that supports the idea. Upon being elected, Comrade Geingob immediately declared all-out war on poverty - his statement of intent in the quest for prosperity. Comrade Geingob, being a PhD scholar, made the claim that there can be no prosperity before we first tackle the complex phenomenon and multifaceted monster called poverty.

The President, being aware of this fact, understood that it can only be fought in an atmosphere of unity and patriotism, hence President Geingob rallied the nation through slogans such as "No Namibian should feel left out", "Namibian House" , "Harambee" and "One Namibia One Nation". Some, through possibly being misinformed or through short-sightedness, labelled this as sloganeering, failing to see beyond the horizons of their pessimism to fully appreciate the fact that these were effective rallying calls for unity of purpose in action to a nation that was in potential danger of sliding back to ethnicity and other social ills.

Today that fact is evident, as the idea of togetherness and inclusivity has imbedded itself in the psyches of so many Namibians who are ever displaying the Harambee spirit and culture, much to the dismay of a handful of frustrated and or failed politicians who are hell-bent on painting a picture of a failed state.

The President successfully rallied Namibians together, and this new atmosphere was harnessed to ignite a national discourse on poverty and the way forward. The President directed that the old age pension be increased from N$ 600 to N$ 1000 in supporting and improving the lives of older people and reducing poverty. The pension will now be increased by N$ 100 dollars every year.

This is the action of a humanitarian leadership, which has identified the most vulnerable members of our society as the most integral role players in the war against poverty. However, some protagonists of the anarchistic agenda are determined to downplay these genuine efforts to improve standards of living amongst our poor. They would rather disguise their incendiary rhetoric and incessant, predictable criticisms in opinion pieces, referring to our leaders as self-serving individuals and by implication not carrying the interests of our people at heart.

Comrade Geingob's laudable interventions have led to the birth of the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP), an administrative blueprint, outlining the strategies aimed at fighting poverty, improving Namibia's competiveness and thereby allowing the country to march towards prosperity. Consistent with his policy statement that no Namibian should feel left out Comrade Geingob purposely chose a Swahili word Harambee.

From the onset of his tenure as President, Comrade Geingob made it clear that inclusiveness and consultation would be some of the key hallmarks of his leadership. He has been so true to these principles, so much so that he invited and met various stakeholders and interest groups including AR members for open discussion at State House. Comrade Geingob continued his practice of inclusive consultations. The President had traversed the country, visiting all fourteen regions, where he held consultative Town-Hall meetings with communities. All such meetings were held in a friendly atmosphere. In those meetings, we have seen Comrade Geingob displaying his foresight in leadership and keen sense of negotiating skills which he has honed over an illustrious but challenging career.

SWAPO Party members who are not complying with SWAPO Party Constitution are not worthy of their membership. We are aware that the Court did not absolve AR members but rather argued that SWAPO had not followed its own rules in dealing with them. Now that they are back in SWAPO Party, why are AR members who claim to be SWAPO Party members failing to follow the rules of the party? Why are they not keeping to the SWAPO Party position on AR? In SWAPO Party we do not have any structure or an affiliate called AR. SWAPO Party has clear structures through which SWAPO Party members could and can voice their concerns or displeasure regarding any issue including the building of the New Parliament as provided for in the SWAPO Party Constitution.

When we are rejecting outright proposals on the table, we should be able to provide viable alternatives to the challenges identified such as lack of office space and inadequate facilities for our democratically elected Members of Parliament.

Lamenting the quality of discourse on one side and threatening to burn down public buildings our democratic institutions like Parliament by night, is not the sign of a scholar, but the sign of an individual with an insistent yearning for anarchism. Let us please be honest and true in our intentions.

The President is one who has always been true and honest in his intentions. Effective Governance is the first pillar of the Harambee Prosperity Plan, of which the sub pillars of Accountability and Transparency form the core. On their own accord, the President and the First lady decided to declare their assets. The President even took a step further and publicly declared his health status. Such undertakings were lauded all over the globe resulting in a 10-point rise in the Corruption Perception Index of Transparency International.

We wonder whether Comrade Job and others are ready to declare their assets.

As part of the President's successful actions in promoting Effective Governance, we have witnessed many mechanisms used that are novelties anywhere. First, SWAPO Party Members of Parliament have had to submit their Curriculum Vitae to be considered for Cabinet appointments. Second, those appointed as Cabinet Ministers had to make Declarations of Intent. Finally, this was followed up by the signing of Performance Contracts. These directives had an immediate impact on Namibia's governance reputation.

Recently, another one of Comrade Geingob's initiatives aimed at tackling poverty, the Food Bank, has been launched with the youth fully behind and ready to assist in any form. The future is bright. We are aware that it will not be a straight forward road, but we are ready to unite and work towards a common goal, a united vision in the spirit of Harambee.

There are many who accuse the President of reacting to small things, but we can testify that there have been numerous occasions, when a few Namibian citizens levelled untrue statements, of a purely derogatory nature, about Comrade Geingob in the media. Let us learn from comrade Geingob since he has never responded or threatened to sue anyone. As a SWAPO Party cadre, he ended up outside the Cabinet and in the street at one time in his life, however he refrained from calling the press conference to cry foul or accept offers made by some newspapers to condemn SWAPO and Comrade Nujoma or resort to playing the tribal card in order to gain sympathy and support. He refused. He also never held or holds any grudges, as can be seen by his appointments of Government Leaders. This is a sign of the comrade's character.

No one should waste time worrying about "assets" as to what he President referred to, least those who claim to be educated. They should know better about a figure of speech used in governance.

Our elders state that the fight for freedom was not easy. It took 24 years of armed struggle and a combined struggle of nearly 60 years to achieve freedom. That is why Comrade Ya Toivo has said that the struggle was long and bitter. It is easy to support anarchy but like Greek poet Sophocles once said, "There is no greater evil than anarchy." As Namibians, we therefore have to undertake some introspection and find out why is it that there are those amongst us who are intent on perpetrating evil strategies in the Namibian House. In the words of our President, let us remind the youth that, "It is difficult to build, but easy to destroy." We wonder how many of those encourage lawlessness would feel if their property was suddenly occupied.

Let us therefore delve in the subject of reality and true scholarly discourse. Let us understand that if we want to cultivate an atmosphere of intellectual debate, we should be able to tolerate criticism without losing grammatical and vocabulary discipline. The President has nothing to prove. His mandate is that of advancing Namibia to a better future, a future of prosperity.

It is our obligation and historic duty, as per our SWAPO Party Constitution, to defend the Party. We therefore call upon all SWAPO Party structures and Affiliate organisations at National, Regional, district, Branch and Section level to close ranks, consolidate and defend our mighty SWAPO Party.

Long live Comrade Hage Geingob!.
Long live the Namibian House!!.
Long live the spirit of Harambee!!!.

Condition precedent to become and continue to be a member of SWAPO Party

Over the last three years, we, the SWAPO Party Regional Coordinators from all the 14 regions of our Republic have followed with keen interest some elements of our society behaving in an unbecoming manner. Recently, we have learned with shock and dismay about the unwarranted, uncalled for attack on our mighty SWAPO Party and its Leadership, particularly, attacks mounted against His Excellency Cde. President Hage G. Geingob. Such divide-and-rule actions were aimed at sowing confusion causing division, mistrust and distrust but, above all, disunity in SWAPO Party and its rank and file members.

Now, therefor, we have come together since yesterday to thoroughly deliberate on these matters and map out ways to mitigate, refute the false claims and repel such attacks. It has become imperative to explain some conditions precedent to every Namibian who voluntarily want to become and continue to be a SWAPO Party member.

Every Namibian who has reached the age of 18 and accepts the aims and objective of the SWAPO Party is eligible to become a member. A member has rights and obligation she or he must enjoy and comply with to continue to be a member.

Members of the party have rights to demand compliance with the provision of the Constitution as well as implementation of resolutions, decisions, directives and agreement of the Party. He or she has the right to participate in meetings of the Party subject to laid down procedures. He or she can put forward proposals, vote at meetings, elect and be elected, express freely his or her opinion freely in such meetings without fear or favour and participate in the adoption of the decisions.

In the same light a member has obligations to comply with. Among others, a member has to be of exemplary conduct in a spirit of comradeship towards other members of the Party, contribute to the strengthening of the organic unity of the Party and to the political consciousness of its rank and file, to oppose factionalism and defend the Party and to be sincere and honest. And, ultimately, to protect the Party's secrets.

The foregoing are non-negotiable tenets of our being as SWAPO Party members to obey and respect. They do not leave room for dialogue. You don't like them at most you table amendment as provided for in the existing procedures or you quit. It has become common for some individual claiming to be "superior and highly educated" to seek to be exempted from the very foundation of what hold us together. Such provision is not catered for in the SWAPO Party Constitution. These elements go around renting crowds from political rejects and canon-fodders of the yesteryears to claim a resounding success.

We urge all Loyal SWAPO Party members to get out of AR. Everything that this group has been doing is contrary to the aims and objectives as well as policy position of our mighty SWAPO Party. Their actions have been against the spirit of comradeship and unity of the Party. No self-respecting party can have another party within. It does not happen within political parties, it does not happen in the church or mosque neither in private companies.

AR is not a structure of SWAPO Party. It has its own separate agenda and program. Therefore, we call upon all SWAPO members to distance themselves from AR. Any SWAPO member with self-respect will do the most honourable and noble thing, that is, to quit before she/he is shown the door.

We are not opportunists; we have never acted that way. We cannot remain silent to buy favour with anyone attacking SWAPO Party, its leadership and rank and file membership. Experience teach us the so-called "Colour Revolutions" have succeeded in destroying the once prosperous North-Africa (such as Lybia), Syria, Ukraine etc., because opportunistic leaders assumed they will be spared by the anarchists and their NATO backers but alas they can only watch as their centuries civilizations goes up in flames. In our vocabulary the word surrender does not exist.

We call upon SWAPO Party Members in all SWAPO Party Structures including the Wings and Affiliate Organisation at National, Regional, District, Branch and Section level, to close ranks, consolidate and defend our Party. It is our obligation and historic duty.

SWAPO!! United!!
SWAPO!! Victorious!!!
And Now!! Hard Work!!!!


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura