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SWAPO Party is a party of the people

The power of the SWAPO Party lies in the fact that it is deeply rooted in the people, in the masses. This is made evident by today's excellent crowd, consisting of Namibians from all walks of life. SWAPO is a party that does not believe in discrimination. In SWAPO, we espouse the principles of unity, One Namibia - One Nation. In SWAPO, we truly believe that no Namibian should feel left out. It is therefore important for all SWAPO Party Cadres to always exude a spirit of unity by endeavoring to mobilize support in all sections, sectors and parts of our country. It is their task to show all Namibians the way to a more prosperous future in the Namibian House.

In this regard, all Cadres should revisit the objectives of the SWAPO Party as outlined by the SWAPO Party Constitution. Let us rededicate ourselves to do the following:

i. to unite the people of Namibia, irrespective of race, religion, sex, or ethnic origin into a democratic, vibrant and peace-loving nation;
ii. to defend and protect Namibia's hard-won freedom and independence;
iii. to foster a sense of common purpose and collective destiny among Namibian people;
iv. to combat retrogressive tendencies of tribalism, ethnicity, nepotism, racism, sexism, chauvinism, regionalism, personality cult, etc.;
v. to instill in the Namibian people a spirit of patriotism and to develop in them the consciousness that they are the masters of their own destiny;
vi. to educate the people to uphold, with honour and pride, Namibia's emblems which constitute the symbols of the country's sovereignty, the constitution, the national flag, the national anthem, the coat of arms, etc.;
vii. to promote the development of the culture of the Namibian people through the reconstruction of the nation's system of education, the encouragement of cultural exchanges with other nations as well as incentives to Namibians who show potential for technological and artistic creativity;
viii. to ensure that Namibia works, on the one hand, in close cooperation with other African states, to advance the cause of African unity and, with all the other states to promote world peace and security, on the other; ix. to fight under development, poverty, illiteracy and disease;
x. to promote accelerated economic development and to create a balance and interlinkages between the primary and the secondary sectors of our economy in order to promote self-reliance and the upliftment of the standard of living of the vast majority of the Namibian people;
xi. to invest by way of acquiring shares or otherwise in any viable business, venture or enterprise; and
xii. to establish companies, close corporations and any other business organization, either wholly owned by the PARTY or the PARTY in partnership with either organizations or institutions, with the view to generating funds necessary to ensure the smooth function and operations of the PARTY.

Since Independence, the SWAPO Party Government has created and established an institutional framework necessary for democratic governance. SWAPO Governance is rooted in Democracy, Unity, Peace, Stability and the Rule of Law. Due to our strong Governance Architecture, Namibia has been consistently ranked as the country with freest Press in Africa. They have freedom to write even derogatory articles. Macro-Economic Architecture - SWAPO is and has always been committed to maintaining a sound monetary and fiscal policy. On Wednesday Comrade Schlettwein tabled the People's Budget for 2017/18. Let me commend all our Ministers for the work they have done and continue to do, in the midst of current economic headwinds. Tightening of purse strings and trimming of fat is necessary to arrest what can be interpreted as fiscal exploitation by various individuals.

In a free society, where there is democratic dispensation you have a representative government. In ancient Greek City States, people exercised collective governance as sovereigns. However, due to population growth, this form of governance became impractical. Therefore, sovereign citizens would refrain from exercising their direct participation in governance by reposting it to elected representatives for a period of five years after they had bought into the manifestos of those participating parties. These representatives would then be observed for a period of five years and if they failed in their duties to carry out the mandate ceded to them by the populace, they would be removed. However, if they had performed to the expectation of the people, they would be re-elected. These are the origins of what we call Representative Government.

Some people claim that SWAPO is trying to prevent them from pursuing their business interests. We are not against business and the generation of financial wealth. We are only concerned with ensuring that the pursuit of business and wealth takes place legally with adherence to the rule of law. In this year of rededication, let us remind ourselves that as far back as 1976, SWAPO declared in its Policy documents that it would, "wage the struggle towards the abolition of all forms of exploitation of man by man and the destructive spirit of individualism and aggrandizement of wealth and power by individuals, groups or classes". SWAPO is committed to pursuing prosperity devoid of greed. We must stand by our principles, for a principle half compromised is a principle compromised.

SWAPO continues to prioritize the development of Namibia's Economy while ensuring that we lift as many Namibians out of poverty as possible. Under the Harambee Prosperity Plan, we have endeavored to accelerate development in clearly defined priority areas, which lay the basis for attaining prosperity in Namibia. 5 pillars which are effective governance, economic advancement, social progression, infrastructure development and, internationals relations and cooperation. Under the Social Progression pillar, we have embarked on projects such as the Food Bank which is aimed at combating urban and peri-urban hunger. We have ensured that the Old Age Pension is gradually increased during the HPP period. In terms of Housing we are planning to implement a Mass Housing Initiative as well as the construction of Houses for Civil Servants.

The large crowd here today is a testament to the fact that the SWAPO Party is still as energized as ever, nationwide. SWAPO is not dead. There are those that claim SWAPO has changed, maybe they have changed but SWAPO remains the same. We have emerged from many serious crises in the past which make today's situations pale in comparison.

We are all aware of the fact that later this year, the SWAPO Part Congress will take place. Some people have already started campaigning. Although it is people's right to campaign, let us ensure that we conduct ourselves in a dignified manner. People should be patient and wait until they are informed that they can commence with campaigning. Until then, people should wait because one does not want to sprint a marathon and run out of steam before crossing the finish line.

There are many Namibians who claim that they are not represented or that they are underrepresented in Government. SWAPO cannot implement quotas on Bantustans. It is not easy to balance and it is not within anyone's interest to exclude any group in Namibia. SWAPO will always espouse the ideal of One Namibia - One Nation. For some, peace is boring. I say look at Libya and Iraq. Story of the two mothers and one child.

SWAPO will continue to work towards the building of a strong, prosperous and united Namibian House. SWAPO has entered into a contract with the Namibian people and has promised to lead them to peace, stability and prosperity. We aim to deliver on this promise by continuing the SWAPO Legacy.



SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura