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SWAPO's lies in unity

By Lukas Kuutondokwa
A people united, striving for common goals for all members of the society will always be victorious. As a born-free citizen in Namibia, Iapplaud the mighty ruling party on this very day. A day whence wereflect more than second decade.

However, before we reflect 21 years back, let's go beyond thoseyears, let's settle at the date:26 August 1966, the day which marks theofficial day when PLAN,a SWAPO Party military wing, said enough to theapartheid administrators and took up arms to fight.

My point is.... Swapo is the ground of all the Radopa and followers, its because of our democracy that they run around tarnishing our hard-won freedom, as for my Swapo comrades, let them not shake you, as for those who were shooken already, come back home, we are waiting for you. Thank you Swapo.


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura