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SPYL youth should think twice

By Esau Muzeu
You are the seeds of tomorrow. You are the pillars of tomorrow. You are the leaders of tomorrow. You are the machinery for tomorrow. You are the drivers of the future. Last but not least, you are the captains of the whole ship and if it sinks, who do you blame? Nobody but yourselves.

We need your efforts to effectively bear the second struggle. This is not easy. It needs hard work and determination.

We should sit back and reflect on our history and look at what contributed to our successes. It was an initiative to face the adversity as well as resilience and commitment to duty rather than to struggle for power without vision. It is the past that defines our future. We should always look back at how those that sacrificed;2 brought about the independence we enjoy today. It was through unity, hard work, commitment and finding the middle ground when things go wrong.

Be united and shape our future. Do not be insatiable for power only. Our history tells us how some of those who were power hungry during the hard days fell off the ship. And where are they today. Some are still alive, others have died. They became political trash. They abandoned the liberation struggle through power struggle. All they could see was to become leaders but they had no vision.

Lets us sink our differences in order to prosper. At the end, everyone should be very happy and embrace one another. Whoever emerges a winner at the end of the SPYL Congress, should be an exemplary leader. He or she should unite and instill the spirit of patriotism. Hatred does not reward. We are now the masters our own destiny. Therefore, everything is in our hands. It's up to us whether we destroy it or develop it.

It is time we thought deeply about the challenges facing Namibia and its people, this must be our priority. We had good thinkers who thought about the liberation struggle and they have done their part. Now it is our part, especially the youth.

Our main mission is to carry our Namibia and its people to greater heights. And to achieve that, we need to get rid of retrogressive tendencies such as personal hatred, tribalism, regionalism, vendetta and others. We should behave like one people from one mother and one house. Our choices should not create enmity among ourselves. The word comrade should always prevail as it reminds us of togetherness and harmony. Fellow comrades Namibia is ours.


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