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SPYL urges teachers to return to the Classroom

By Cde Menthel Links, Secretary of Education, Sport and Culture
Over the past couple of days the SPYL has observed a strike by some teachers mainly in Khomas and a handful others in selected regions.

SPYL believes and affirms that education has enjoyed the supreme priority of the SWAPO Party Government since independence. This is because education is they to unlock the potential of any nation and of any individual. It is our firm conviction that schools are a place where learning and teaching must take place unhindered and uninterrupted.

Unfortunately the strike is not and has not furthered the process of learning and teaching. To this end, the learners have lost education and the parents have been deprived of the education for their children.

SPYL is further mindful that Namibia has over 20000 teachers. Majority of these teachers are hard working, dedicated and patriotically committed towards the education of the Namibian Child everywhere.

We commend these kind of teachers and we are proud of them. We are further proud of the good working relationship that exist between the Ministry and the teachers on the one hand and on the other hand between government and NANTU for good faith negotiations that have taken place to date.

SPYL has also noted with dismay the attempts to hijack the process by some unscrupulous elements in the TUN and RDP. These retrogresive attempts must be condemned in the strongest terms. We therefore call on our teachers especially the young progressive teachers to exercise maximum vigilance and reject those who want to use the teachers legitimate concerns as a way of licking their wounds of defeat following the Supreme Court dismissal of the electoral challenge by RDP and others.

Finally, we welcome the position of NANSO on this matter and urge all peaceloving Namibians to put the interest of Namibian education above all else. Moreover, we are confident that the outcome of the negotiation with government is in the interest of the teachers. We thus appeal to them all to exercise restraint and patient. The government through Minister Dr Iyambo and Deputy Minister Dr Namwandi will not fail the educators of the Namibian Child.

Long Live Namibian Child


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura