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SPYL special Branch at Ogongo Unam campus launched
By Staff Reporter

Officially lauched the SPYL Special Branch at Ogongo UNAM Campus under the theme Poliagritainment. This concept recognizes that the youth are not only into politics and entertainment but also into agriculture such as the case for Ogongo and Neudamm where SPYL is active. As per the Constitution of SPYL, we can set up structures at schools, farms, military units etc, that is why we are at institutions of higher learning.

Called on all SPYL members to acquaint themselves with documents of SWAPO Party and ensure that they participate fully the sections, branches, districts and regions of the SPYL and the SWAPO Party. I commended government for the funding extended to education especially to UNAM. Also commended Ogongo Campus for pioneering the rice which has been planted at Kaliambeza.

Urged the youth to be vigilant and patriotically stubborn in defence of the principles of the SWAPO Party. Challenged all those hibernators who claim to be more SWAPO than the youth to come out and campaign for SWAPO not just benefit from high paying jobs.

Reiterated the fact that hibernators in the SWAPO party government are more respected than ordinary members of SWAPO in rural areas. who are we to deny the existence of hibernators even if Mr. Nyamu himself has said they are on a mission are there some people in SWAPO who know RDP more than Mr. Nyamu? Stop blaming the youth or making them scapegoats at every opportunity, it was not the youth league which started RDP. Those who are angry with the youth league must first be angry with those who started splinter parties from SWAPO party and those still working hard to weaken and divide SWAPO Party on tribal basis. Why are those angry with the youth not angry with those who are openly talking about Omusati Clique and labeling others in such terms. The strength of SWAPO Party is its people and its structures. SPYL is a structure of SWAPO Party but RDP is not.


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura