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SPYL slams demolition of houses
- Dr Ngurare says doing so in winter is barbaric and inhuman

By Dr Elijah Ngurare

The City of Windhoek's Police Department has chosen the month of bitter winter to carry out an eviction order which resulted in the demolition of houses in the informal settlements of SamoraMachel District.

And before that it was in the Okahandja Park informal settlement. This act is deplorable, barbaric and inhuman. In as much as we respect the rule of law, it is also important that sometimes human consideration is more important than technicalities. Similarly, in this case the timing of the City of Windhoek is suspect and wrong. Therefore the demolition process currently underway should be stopped immediately.

The Councilors are called upon to ensure that the matter is handled with due regard to sensitivity and respect to human dignity of inhabitants of informal settlements in the same way inhabitants of say Windhoek East should they be found on the wrong side of the law.

This afternoon, I had the opportunity to visit the affected area which is known as "Lagos" together with the Deputy Mayor of the City of Windhoek, SWAPO Party Acting Regional Coordinator, SWAPO Party District Coordinator of SamoraMachel and some local authority councilors as well as Regional Councilors for SamoraMachel, Moses Garoeb and Tobias Hainyeko Constituencies respectively.

The impression that emerged from this site visit is that there are more factors involved in the demotion of houses currently underway in some parts of Windhoek. Indeed, there is no doubt that these barbaric actions by the City of Windhoek or the private individuals that may be involved leaves the SPYL with no option but to question the difference between the 1959 old location force removal and our own action.

It is equally a shame to note that we as a ruling party is heading is controlling an institution carrying out such barbaric act against our own people, so what is the difference between our colonizers' actions against us and the current actions against our own people?

It is further a shame that there is a perception that we have land for foreigners but not land for our people, it is shame that we tell people to vote us for better living, but our action indeed means vote us for evictions. This is wrong and we must urgently guard against at all times. Before the current councilors lose credibility in the eyes of the electorate majority of whom are from the informal settlements of Windhoek, we call on them to institute an investigation in this matter with urgency and hold accountable all those responsible for seemingly disrespecting the directives of the Council.

It must be remembered that our people in the informal settlements do not settle in these impoverished areas by choice but by circumstances beyond their control.

While awaiting positive resolution of this unfortunate situation by the City of Windhoek, we herewith caution the local authority councilors on the ticket of SWAPO Party to remain relevant to the aspirations of the electorate at all material times.

As councilors they cannot delegate blame to officials because the electorate does not elect officials but we elect you to lead human beings not otherwise. Our Councilors must therefore govern without fear and hold accountable officials working under them.

Failure hereof, we shall call on the SWAPO Party to recall you with immediate effect and replace you with cadres who shall transform the system and not be transformed by the system.


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura