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SPYL resolutions taken at last congress


101. Congress urges SPYL National Executive Committee to work closer with the Namibian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all our embassies and consulates around the world so as to be seized on pertinent international issues.

102. Congress encourages SPYL National Executive Committee to give policy advice, analysis and support to the Minister of Foreign Affairs on Foreign Policy issues.

103. Congress encourages SPYL to do research on International issues and regularly disseminate such information to its members through the party structures. This will also ensure that the league has a proactive approach to whatever challenges and confrontations it faces.

104. Congress urges SPYL leadership to be the main player in the formulation of practical and realistic guidelines on Diplomatic Relations as well as International Economic Foreign Policy. These guidelines will give direction and advice to our ministries and agencies on how they should operate. All should be pragmatic and ensure that the Namibian interest and that of all her people are placed first.

105. Congress calls upon SPYL leadership to identify Pan-African orientated members of the community who will serve as guest lecturers and animators in formal, informal and non-formal education to consolidate youth learning and foster a better understanding of who we are and where we are going as Africans.

106. Congress calls upon Namibia to play a more active and visible role in influencing foreign policy at large. There is a need to raise our international stature concerning matters that have a bearing on our national and regional interests.

107. Congress notes that in an increasingly globalizing world, it is imperative that the capacity of our Diplomats (all levels) is enhanced to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. Thus, Diplomats should have SWAPO Party credentials before appointment in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To this end, Congress urges SPYL leadership to devise a systematic strategy that absorbs interested and dedicated cadres into the MFA especially those who have worked hard for the progress of the party.

108. Congress further notes that diplomatic missions should be an avenue where more young people should be trained for future positions in the MFA. A coherent strategy is needed in this regard especially in the field of economic development. To this end, Congress urges SPYL to work with the Government to deploy youth volunteers around the world, especially in countries where they can learn and get the requisite capacity to play their role in the development of our country.

109. Congress urges Government to urgently review the current, outdated White Paper on Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Management in line with the ideologies and principles of Pan-Africanism.

110. Congress notes that the mandate and objectives of Namibia's Missions abroad should be clearly defined with respect to our comparative advantages with those countries and national interests.

111. Congress directs SPYL national leadership to initiate exchange programs with Africans in the diaspora and establish an Africa-Brazil Youth Movement.

112. Congress calls upon the Government to investigate the desirability or otherwise of dual membership in organisations such as the African Union and the Arab League.

113. Congress notes with concern Namibia's weak and less visible participation in international affairs. Congress urges Government to play a more active, visible and leading role in international politics in general and international institutions in particular, to influence international opinion and politics in the right direction.

114. Congress directs the SPYL department of Information, Publicity and Mobilization to lucidly and decisively prioritize and operationalized political and ideological consciousness among the SPYL youth.

115. Congress calls on Government to engage the Government of Botswana with the view to finding a lasting solution to the killing of Namibians in the Caprivi region.

116. Congress urges GRN to write off the bursaries/ study loans issued between 1992 - 2007 (15 years representing half a generation) provided that the recipients have passed their courses and are working in Namibia whether in the private or public sector.

117. Congress urges the SWAPO Party engage the ANC of South Africa to resolve the Orange River boundary between the Republic of Namibia and the Republic of South Africa

118. Congress urges the SWAPO Party to engage the ANC to seek its understanding that the Republic of South Africa honors its moral obligations as a former occupier to assist the Government of an independent Namibia in developing a population once suppressed with effects lingering on.


119. Congress recommends that the legal advisory functions of the Attorney General must be decentralized to every Regional Council, Directorate of every Ministry, Agency and at least one local authority in each region, in order to enhance efficiency and more effectively minimize legal risks. This should be implemented without prejudice to the Attorney General's Constitutional mandate in terms of Article 87 of the Namibian Constitution.

120. Congress recommends that the remuneration and other conditions of service for legal advisory positions within the Government be reviewed and improved so as to make them attractive to Namibians.

121. Congress urges Government to investigate the root causes of the high level of inheritance disputes among previously disadvantaged (black) Namibians and devise a solution as a matter of urgency.

122. Congress calls upon Government to devise means and strategies to ensure that prospective married couples are well educated about their property rights vis--vis marriage.

123. Congress recommends that the Labour Inspectors must be given continuous training in order to enhance their skills level and efficiency.

124. Congress recommends that the Labour Dispute Resolution Offices in the Ministry of Labour must be staffed by appropriately qualified and skilled persons in order to ensure efficiency.

125. Congress recommends that Government must take meaningful steps to ensure affordable access to justice, including enhancing wider access to legal education, including distance education and internet based education; establishing small claims courts; implementing full functionality of all judicial institutions and all their branches in the whole country; thorough training of lawyers; increasing the output of admitted legal practitioners and resisting, at all costs, any efforts to restrict access to legal education.

126. Congress urges Government to take all necessary legislative and administrative measures to bring to an end the dual profession of legal practitioners practicing with fidelity fund certificates, and those that practice without fidelity fund certificates, which operates to increase legal costs and make access to justice by ordinary citizenry very difficult.

127. Congress recommends that outdated laws must as a matter of urgency be repealed or amended to bring them in line with the Namibian Constitution.

128. Congress recommends that Laws must be enacted, and ones repealed or amended to enable and enhance enjoyment of fundamental rights and freedoms enshrined in Chapter 3 of the Namibian Constitution including the right to culture and freedom of thought and conscience.

129. Congress recommends that a National Congress should be held as a matter of urgency in order to review the operation of the Labour Act, 2007 (Act 11 of 2007) to date. The congress must involve all stakeholders.

130. Congress urges Government to make efforts to educate domestic workers and farm workers about their rights.

131. Congress urges Government to provide legal education and training as widely accessible as possible, including conducting part-time education, distance education and video conferencing. In this regard, the Government must target a ratio of lawyers to citizens of at least 1 admitted legal practitioner per 20,000 residents in Namibia by the year 2015, 1 to 10,000 by the year 2020 and 1 to 500 by the year 2030 - taking into account the GDP of the country and other relevant factors.

132. Congress calls upon, in accordance with paragraph 18 of the Resolutions of the 2002 SWAPO Party Congress, the Executive functionaries of the Government to give meaning to the separation of powers between the Legislature and the Executive.

133. Congress urges Government to appoint a Permanent Secretary to the Office of the Attorney General, as in the instance of the National Planning Commission, in order to fasttrack access to legal services by Government O/M/As.

134. Congress calls for an urgent assessment of the working conditions of truck drivers, employees in the security companies and construction companies to ensure that they conform to the labour law.


135. Congress calls upon the Ministry of Youth and Sports implement an effective mechanism of broad based and country-wide talent scouting, to ensure that the Brave Warriors national team is all inclusive and representative of the 13 regions.

136. Congress resolves that High Performance Sports centres are built in all 13 regions in order to promote sport excellence amongst the youth.

137. Congress resolves that Namibia should promote sports diplomacy in its international relations with progressive and friendly countries such as China, Russia and Cuba, amongst others, to improve cooperation in the areas of sport administrations, sports development in terms of sports codes and sports infrastructure.

138. Congress calls upon the Legislative and Executive arms of Government to establish a Standing Committee on Youth Matters and a Cabinet Committee on Youth matters in order to deal with youth issues in a more focused manner.

139. Congress note with concern that although a great deal of financial resources is invested in sports infrastructure and facilities, some of these facilities, most notably the Sam Nujoma Stadium do not meet international standards. Congress calls for all developments of sports infrastructure and facilities to meet international standards.

140. Congress resolves that Namibia should host major sport events in order to encourage and promote and accelerate sport tourism.

141. Congress resolves that there is a need for the integration of sports affairs within the structures of the SPYL. To that effect, congress call upon the SPYL to bring about an office that specifically deals with sports matters

142. Congress resolves for each region to be equipped with a state of the art sport facility. 143. Congress resolves for each school to be equipped with a state of the art sport facility.


144. Congress resolves to empower the National Executive Committee of SPYL to appoint suitable persons as Assistant Secretaries to various departments.

145. Congress calls for the harmonization between the language policy and the provisions of the Constitution to advance national unity while ensuring promotion of the indigenous Namibian languages.

146. Congress noted with concern the growing use and abuse of prohibited dependence enhancing drugs, which contributes to the rise in evil crime, such as passion killings and suicides. Congress resolves that law on drugs, which is a very old South African law with many loopholes, should be amendment in order to deal effectively with the prevailing problems. Congress further resolves that in the meantime an awareness campaign on the negative impacts of drug use and abuse should be embarked upon.

147. Congress calls upon Government to declare education from pre-primary to tertiary levels free.

148. Congress noted that in 2002 the SPYL Constitution was harmonized with SWAPO Party Constitution, however some provisions remain unchanged and thus where necessary such correction must be heeded forthwith. 149. Congress resolves to establish economic empowerment desks at regional levels.

150. Congress recommends the amendment of Article 10 of the SPYL Constitution by the insertion after paragraph 8(j) of the following paragraphs: (k) Improve the capacity of and cooperation between the Organs of the SPYL in order to achieve the objectives set forth in this Constitution including policies and the resolutions of Congress and to promote and review its mechanisms for implementation in accordance with the rules of procedure adopted by Congress.

(l) adopt rules governing the functioning of the activities set forth in this article and agree upon activities, procedures and methods of work to achieve the objectives set forth in paragraph (k) of this article including: a. Facilitating training including other measures of implementation through economic development and professional assistance

b. Facilitating the exchange of information among the Organs of the SPYL and Sister Party's youth league on successful mechanism for implementing similar objectives;

c. Acquiring the necessary knowledge of the measures taken by Organs of the SPYL in implementing policies and the resolutions of Congress and the difficulties encountered by them in doing so through information provided by them and through such supplemental review mechanisms as may be established by the Congress.

(m) Pursuant to paragraph (l) of this article, establish, if it deems it necessary, any appropriate committee, advisory or autonomous body to assist in the effective implementation of its policies and the resolutions by the Office Bearers.

151. Congress resolves to condemn and reject tribalism in all its manifestations at all levels.

152. Finally, the 5th Congress of SPYL reiterated its willingness to remain foot soldiers and transmitting belt of the SWAPO Party ideology, policies and programmes. In this regard, our motivation remains the SWAPO Party, SPYL, national interest, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Namibia by placing emphasis on the following resolutions:

The continuing operationalisation of Africa- China Young Leaders Forum, MoU with Youth Wings of Sister Parties, 12 May Movement and hosting of Annual Policy Review.

The SWAPO Party leadership should rethink the resource allocation formula so that SPYL can carry out its many activities throughout the country - with particular attention the situation at regional level and a budget of N$1.5 million per annum has been proposed. The SPYL is continuing its drive to recruit and mobilize young people in the fold of SWAPO Party by using various platforms. The leadership is encouraged to support such initiatives and approve the requisition to acquire a website and printer. Similarly, the Party Financial Department should clarify its operational modalities in order to avoid ambiguities. The SWAPO Party leadership is encouraged to support business dealings of the SPYL companies so that they become less-dependent on the mother body for finance. Young people at rural level must become the primary beneficiary of any empowerment deals and employment.

The SWAPO Party should remain seized with the electorate on issues of rural development, improvement of life in the informal settlements, accountability on the implementation of 2009 Election Manifestos and all other challenges facing the Namibian people especially the unemployed youth. SPYL to continue cooperating with NANSO, NEKA and other friendly youth organisations.

Continued eviction of landless people be brought to an end by investigating best possible ways to resettling them. Further to this, the SWAPO Party leadership should note and act on the perception that land is being acquired by those connected with the powers that be. Such perception is real, must be dealt with.

The SWAPO Party leadership should ensure that Namibia's mining resources must benefit the people of Namibia. Access to mineral rights and resources should be open to all without discrimination of any kind.

State-owned enterprises should be refocused to ensure that the previously-disadvantaged citizen, for whom many were established, should benefit from its establishment.

Sport, Arts and Culture be utilised to promote national unity and patriotism and also to mobilise against the abuse of alcolhol and drugs amonst the young people of Namibia in all 107 Constituencies. In order to support Namibian artists all local radio and television stations must by law be required to play 80% local content, further in all 13 Regions there must a recording studio, and the support to the development of Namibia's film industry through direct support to the existing producers and actors.

The National Youth Service through its Civic Education should establish Cultural Exchange Bus which on a regular basis take young people for a couple of days tour to a region other than their own regions. This should also not be confined to the youth but also all Namibians in order to entrench the principle and concept of One Namibia One Nation in practice.

Congress directs that the 200 hectars initially applied for by the Youth Development Initiative a JV company between Donar Investment (Pty) and Science & Development Initiative (Pty) Ltd be granted by the City of Windhoek in order to realize the full objective of the SPYL technological park in Windhoek

SPYL to operationalize the SPPM Statute and to have the SPM structures in all the 13 Regions of the country so that youth from 6-17 years are mobilized around the ideals of SWAPO Party and molded into young patriots.


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura