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SPYL praises Zim

By Elijah Ngurare
I vividly recall our discussion when we drove in the streets of Harare last year in your Toyota Hilux. We spoke about the unshakeable resilience, hard work, commitment and patriotic dedication of Zimbabweans amidst the challenges and sanctions imposed on them by the West. It is notable therefore that the outcome of the just ended Harmonised Elections (held on 31 July 2013) has affirmed conclusively and irrevocably the reality that the people of Zimbabwe have conducted a peaceful and democratic elections in pursuance of their national interest and security. The land is yours; the country is yours; its destiny is fully in your hands as present Zimbabweans but moreso in the interest of future generations of Zimbabweans.

The SWAPO Party Youth League (SPYL) wishes to avail of this historic opportunity to congratulate, through you Comrade Sikhosana, the militant, active, fearless and patriotic youth of Zimbabwe for their contribution to the victory (2/3 majority) of ZANU-PF. We are aware that the people and government of Zimbabwe have gone through all difficulties imaginable. The external and internal forces were sharpened against them. But you have triumphed collectively by mobilizing the rural masses to vote overwhelmingly for ZANU-PF and H.E. Cde. R. G. Mugabe.

The complete history of your struggle is well known to you. From our observations, His Excellency President R.G. Mugabe knows it too well. The hypocriscy and double standards of the former colonisers is well known and documented. For example, we recall that on the 5th November 1997, the then Secretary of State of the UK, Ms. Claire Short declared that "I should make it clear that we do not accept that Britain has a special responsibility to meet the costs of land purchase in Zimbabwe. We are a new Government from diverse backgrounds without links to former colonial interests. My own origins are Irish and as you know we were colonised not colonisers."

The above statement from the British Government became the turning point in the struggle for Zimbabwe in the fight to reclaim its birthright: the land. The uncompromising spirit of Zimbabweans made the country to become the target for regime change. Thomas Carothers who has written on the double standards of the U.S. and the international backlash against democracy promotion efforts once observed that "First, the U.S. government must not make the mistake of confusing regime change with democracy promotion. Regime change policies, in which the U.S. government seeks to oust foreign governments it views as hostile to U.S. interests, whether through military force or diplomatic and economic pressure, fail to gain international legitimacy and contaminate democracy promotion when they are presented as democracy promotion efforts."

In Zimbabwe, The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) was the window through which this regime change doctrine was to be realized. In an article published by The Guardian on 7 March 2002 headed "Colonialism and the new world order", Seumas Milne wrote:

"Now the British government (through the Westminster Foundation for Democracy) and the Tories (through the Zimbabwe Democracy Trust) along with white farmers and corporations - are all funding the MDC, committed as it is to free market policies and the restoration of white farms to their owners."

On its part the USA, adopted what is called the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (ZDERA, S. 494) which is a law passed by the United States Congress sanctioned to provide for a transition to democracy and to promote economic recovery in Zimbabwe. In particular, ZDERA prohibits the government of Zimbabwe from borrowing from a slew of international financial institutions. Furthermore, said exclusion to the people of Zimbabwe from the economic and democratic benefits laid out by program donors, including the United States, was because of "economic mismanagement, undemocratic practices, and the costly deployment of troops to the Democratic Republic of the Congo" by the Zimbabwean Government.

Ironically, all those British and American Governments are conspicuously measured in their response and absent from aggressive comments on the undemocratic political acrobatics in Egypt. One wonders which democrats are these who are ephemeral and driven by racial and economic interest at the expense of human considerations.

It is therefore heartening that despite all these clouds of challenges, the sun of hope is shining again in Zimbabwe. The sun rays are not confined in shining only in Zimbabwe, the entire Africa can see it and can feel it. Those who have been friends of Zimbabwe, during the day and during the night, can see it. It is pitiful that MDC was made to hold hostage the aspirations of the Zimbabweans for too long, even often hosted and glorified by some African governments.

It would be expected that President Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt would equally be invited and defended by the African Union. It is clear that a puppet is a puppet regardless of whether he/she is honourable, rich or educated. My dear brother and Comrade, I have written the above primarily to encourage you and through you, commend the inspiriting spirit of ZANU-PF Youth League, our sister Youth Wing of a Ruling Party ZANUPF, to be assured of our collective solidarity and support. You the youth of Zimbabwe, through your activism and steadfastness, we have learned the following fundamental facts namely:

That the attainment of independence based purely on flag and anthem without full economic empowerment is not and will never be in the interest of the free Africans.

That principles are never for sale and that the sovereignity of Zimbabwe like of any other African country must be sacrosanct. That never again should Zimbabwe be a colony of any other nation and that the birthright of any free nation is land and all the resources on its surface and below the earth must belong and be controlled by its inhabitants.

Once again, Makorokoto ZANU-PF Youth League and accept, dear Comrade Sikhosana, the assurances of our highest consideration.


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura