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SPYL calls for 100% SWAPO Party victory

By Paulus Immanuel
As well all know, 2014 will be a politically busy year as we are headed to the Parliamentary and Presidential elections on a date yet to be announced by His Excellency, the President; however we have to start working now so that 100% victory becomes a reality for our Mighty SWAPO Party.

As militant members of the SWAPO Party Youth League, an active, militant and revolutionary transmitting belt of the SWAPO Party ideology, policies and programmes especially in the Region Khomas, we are happy to confirm and give assurance to the entire country that the region that hosts the Capital City of Namibia is in good hands, namely in the hands of SWAPO Party. There is no future without the youth, and SWAPO Party is lucky to have loyal, dedicated and committed young people who are ready 24/7 to volunteer for the SWAPO Party.

Political Mobilisation

I am pleased to inform you, Comrades and Friends, that the SWAPO Party Youth League, in the Khomas Region is very alive, active, vibrant, militant and capable to politically silence all opposition parties. This year we camped with the comrades in the informal settlement of Tlabanello No. 3, we recruited 415 new members at the Polytechnic of Namibia; we recruited 492 new members at the University of Namibia all within the membership drive of less than two months. That is why we can say proudly and loudly: SPYL YA ROCKA!

12 May Movement and 12 May Movement Cup

We thank the national leadership of the SWAPO Party Youth League for making Khomas region to host the 3rd 12 May Movement celebration. The Founding President, H.E. Dr. Sam Shafiishuna Nujoma has accepted to grace this occasion and it will take place on the weekend of the 23 to 25 of May 2014.

The weekend will be filled with lots of activities from sports activities of soccer, netball, volleyball and many more; to lectures and then the d-day on Sunday which will be the main event of the 12 May Movement, just like the previous 2 regions all the 13 other regional SPYL structures have already been officially invited. This is a special event on the calendar of the SPYL, Khomas region plans to make it bigger and better because this is where all is happening and besides that we have learnt from the previous 2 regions as well. There is also going to be a 12 May Movement Cup were all the 14 regions will compete and the winner will walk away with a trophy, we will inform the media more about this particular tournament.

1st Round General Voters' Registration

We would like to congratulate the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) for having carried out a successful 1st round of voter's registrations. We are informed that the ECN registered a total of 1'158'925(million) voters, and a total of 211'787 registered in Khomas region, and now the worrying thing is the 79'808 voters who will take part in the parliamentary & presidential elections but they are not registered to partake in the local authority elections; does it mean all those 79'808 people lives outside the boundaries of City of Windhoek? If not does it mean all these people live in streets and have no place to call home? Someone should take the blame for these people who could not register with local authority and they must be called to order. I would like to thank the youth of Namibia especially of Khomas for having responded positively to the calls by the SWAPO Party Youth League for them to register in this upcoming elections. According to the ECN, 44% of voters are young people.

I would like to use this opportunity to remind all the Ministries/ Offices/Agencies of Government about this fact namely strive for Youth Empowerment in order for these majority voters too to benefit. Unemployment amongst the youth is a time bomb waiting to explode. It is important therefore that their needs and aspirations for education and employment are met, without delay.

We therefore call on the Ministry of Education, "student finance department/directorate" to liaise with the ECN to establish who of their recipient are not registered voters especially those in the country and we call for the cancelation of their contracts because when you are not registered to vote you have no say and you are an irresponsible student/citizen and hence why should you be given government grant, loan to study!

When it comes to tenders all those that have GRN tenders and prospect tenderers should not be considered if anyone of the company shareholders is not a registered voter because how do you want just to benefit and benefit and you don't show a sense of responsibility. All tender boards should liaise with the ECN to know those that are responsible citizens and those that are not. Once gain, Government should only be worried about responsible citizens. And remember to vote SWAPO Party when elections come.

Demolishing of People's houses

We have been observing with great pain and disbelief as people's houses are demolished because they settled on those pieces of land illegally, the City Councillors and officials are caught sleeping on duty, why are they not making this land available in an efficient manner to the people that needs the land most before those people lose hope and decide to settle on those pieces of land anyways! We have also observed that City officials seem to be having more powers than elected Councillors; maybe it's time the Ministry of Local Government or the Public Service Commission if they are the ones responsible to review this permanent employment for first, second and third line managers in all local authorities so that those who do not perform can be dismissed and the best retained so that there is a continuous improvement of efficiency in the town councils; we all aware that local authorities are the first line of governance and hence delivery of services must be under constant and strict surveillance by both the sending agencies/ parties of the councillors and ministry of local government.

We have also noted the adamant stance of some of our own Councillors in the City of Windhoek who believe demolishing other people's houses is the way to go. While other councillors say they are against demolishing of people's houses but when the houses are under attack of being destroyed those that say we are against the act they are no where to be found.

Therefore, we call on those that still have the masses that put them there's interest at heart to always be ready to join to run and stand in front of those bulldozers used to destroy people's homes and defend the masses' assets. Many young people have come up with possible solutions of affordable housing to partner with the City Council but some arrogant secretaries and their bosses in the property development of the City of Windhoek are very rude, they are trained to be gate keepers to chase away people from those offices.

We call on the City to listen to young businessmen/women when they talk to them on projects like these ones, so that balanced demographic empowerment equity is achieved; they are the biggest voting block for God's sake. We suggest that if the local authority councillors are not much occupied since they are doing the job part time, then it's time for them to become full time councillors so that they can take charge and serve the residents of Windhoek to the best of their ability. Murdering of women, baby dumping and rape

We have observed in silence with dismay at the serious campaign some men have undertaken in killing women in our country, we condemn these scourging barbaric killings of women with the contempt it deserve. We are told its passion killing; we don't understand why these barbaric killings are called passion killing, as a nation we must stop calling these barbaric killings as passion killings. We applaud the Cabinet for proposing stiffer bail conditions for offenders, we would want to add that a separate prison be built somewhere in the mountains to accommodate the killers, with the following conditions to be implemented soonest; one meal per day, with hard labour sentences for all convicted offenders.

Some funny people will say tax payers' money will be wasted, that is inhuman and what what..., the list of complaints goes on, does it mean those killed were/are less human and killers are more human? We call on the Ministry of Gender to fund researchers to determine the root cause of these killings in different setups, so that we stop speculating and become informed on the causes and so that, as a nation, we can take informed corrective and informed measures. All those evils must be fought and we think its high time for us to go for a referendum on constitutional amendment on death penalty.

Sheebeens and Mushrooming of churches

We would like to thank the Namibian Police, City Police and the progressive shebeen owners for the great cooperation on bringing the shebeen saga to a better understanding for them to reach consensus on the above mentioned issues.

Shebeens are operating on the given time although not all of them but at least we are seeing the difference but we are disturbed by mushrooming of churches in and around Windhoek especially in Katutura whereby these churches are not regulated they are operating 24/7 and their noise can be heard throughout the night. We want these churches to be regulated especially when it comes to sunrise prayers or whatever they call them. They are making more noise than jukeboxes and shebeens nowadays and its everyday.

Prostitution and sex workers

The young women of Windhoek as well as the entire Namibia must be raised on moral values of respect for themselves. We must condemn prostitution in all its manifestations. It is not an excuse of poverty, but a choice.

We call on the government to intensify the programme of food for work and cash for work so that no prostitution should be allowed in our streets and all those who are hungry must work for their bread and not open their legs. We are therefore calling on the law enforcement agencies to start arresting and charging all those who are practising prostitution in this country. We know that the police officer and city police know where they normally operate but they normally only chase them away. We wont let our capital city to be turned into Prostitution Capital City.

The Colonial Horse Statue We would like to thank the Namibian Government for removing that horse and putting up the Founding Father of the Namibian Nation and we want them to continue also renaming all the streets that have got nothing to do with this land of the brave after 24 years of independence. We cannot have streets named after colonial thugs in our cities.

NB: Cde Paulus Emmanuel is SPYL Regional Secretary, Khomas Region


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