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SPYL bemoans unspend funds

By Dr. Elijah Ngurare, Secretary of SWAPO Party Youth League
In a Media Release on 13 February 2012, we bemoaned the fact that funds allocated for the SWAPO Party Government's revolutionary policy intervention for job creation, TIPEEG were not fully utilized and was returning to the treasury. In particular we observed that "all the money not utilized should not return to treasury but instead should be allocated to regional councils, local authorities and constituency development committees in order to respond the challenges of unemployment facing our young people by creating jobs and funding their business ideas".

It is therefore encouraging to learn that Cabinet has recently directed as above by channeling such funds to local authorities, SOEs and Ministries and we thus wish to avail of this opportunity to commend our Government for this logical intervention.

In the same vein to implore the recipients of these funds to ensure that transparent and corruption-free environment prevails throughout its utilization.

Further, the Ministry of Finance should ensure that every penny is accounted for and that indeed jobs will be created by such allocation.

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