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SPYL backs Dr Geingob

On Saturday, 6 September 2014, H.E. President Hifikepunye Pohamba, President of the SWAPO Party and of the Republic of Namibia launched the 2014 SWAPO Party Election Manifesto and officially introduced Comrade Dr. Hage G. Geingob as SW APO Party Presidential Candidate. The time is now and the hour is upon us for the youth of SW APO Party to campaign for a landslide victory for our SW APO Party· and its Presidential Candidate as usual.

As we all know, since independence in 1990, the SWAPO Party Government has continued to extend social amenities to the majority of our people particularly in rural areas. As a result, 24 years after independence, it is not uncommon to see in many villages, availability of electricity, telecommunication, water, clinics and schools.

This approach is commendable, because it remains the government priority and recognition that the electoral backbone of the SWAPO Party is primarily in the rural areas and majority of the electorate are youth especially the born frees. Thus the just launched 2014 SWAPO Party Election Manifesto is responsive to their specific needs and aspirations including our call as SPYL for Wi-Fi connectivity on national roads as well as internet coverage in every comer of Namibia.

SW APO Party has got no equal; it occupies a special place in the hearts and minds of the Namibian people. Many have died for this country to be free and through their blood, which waters our freedom, we must forever pay our homage and eternal respect to the fallen heroes and heroines.

This is the religious truth that must be popularised even to those would--be political opponents who want to challenge the dominance of SWAPO Party. This is because our Mighty SW APO Party is the ONLY political formation that stands in Solidarity with the downtrodden, Freedom for the oppressed and Social Justice for the disadvantaged Namibians.

It is heartening that the Namibian Youth have continued to support SWAPO Party and to safeguard this perennial trust and confidence of the Namibian people in the SWAPO Party. In this regard, I salute the Namibian artists who have joined our campaign of Politainment in 2009 Presidential and National Assembly Elections and urge them to do the same in the 2014 Presidential and National Assembly Elections.

Let us campaign for SWAPO Party unreservedly and let us be foot soldiers to explain the Election Manifesto to all comers of Namibia. Let us spread this gospel on social media, at work, at church, in villages, in towns, in hospitals, in offices, in army barracks, on farms, in classrooms and everywhere must be SWAPO Party. Our people must continue to believe in the SWAPO Party and they must have hope for the future of Namibia.

Let us continue to march triumphantly because the path to our modern freedom was irreversibly paved by Leader of the Namibian Revolution H.E. Dr. Sam Nujoma and we are patriotically duty bound to defend and uphold his revolutionary spirit forever.

In other words, the ruling Party and its government, with the renewed electoral mandate this November, will have an unparalleled responsibility and obligation to address, without fail, Youth Empowerment, Informal Settlement Development, Rural Development and Genuine Economic Empowerment 14 Regions of our country. SWAPO Party is truly the Driving Force for Change and with SWAPO Party Your Future is secured. Solidarity, Freedom and Justice are our guiding principles.



SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
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