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In THE SPOTLIGHT this time is the The Press Conference, addressed by Cde. Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana, Secretary General of the SWAPO Party, on 28th January 2010 at the SWAPO Headquaters, WINDHOEK .

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press,

Comrades and Friends,

I welcome you all once again to the SWAPO PARTY Headquarters. To some of you we have already exchanged the felicitations of the New Year. To those I have not yet met, let us wish each other the best for this year.

It is the SWAPO PARTY tradition to inform the public, through the media, about some of the important decisions taken by the PARTY which is ruling the country.

On Monday, 25 January 2010, at its first meeting of the year, the Political Bureau met, to analyse the prevailing political, social and economic situation in and around Namibia. Perhaps before I move deeper into some key decisions taken by the Political Bureau, I would like to extend a word of encouragement to all our students throughout the country, to study hard. They should all remember that success does not come on a silver platter, as the English adage says. It is only through hard work and dedication that they will reap the rewards of their labour in the future.

Allow me now to turn to some summarized decisions and policy directives that were taken at the recent Political Bureau meeting.


The Politburo having received extensive report on the preparations of our legal team on this matter, the PB reiterated its stance that the 2009 Presidential and National Assembly Elections were democratic, free, fair, credible and above all a reflection of the sovereign will of the Namibian people. In this regard PB remains convinced that the motive behind the challenge of the elections outcome by the Nine Opposition is a carefully orchestrated maneuver of seeking sympathy from their sponsors.

Equally the PB took note that the unpatriotic actions of these Nine Opposition parties is meant to generate division among our people at home and to cast doubt and aspersions to Namibia’s international reputation as one of the leading democracies on the African continent and the world.

The PB called on the Namibian public to remain calm and vigilant because imperialists and their surrogate agents are at work 24/7. Therefore it is vital that we all, as a nation, realize and expose these tactics which are aimed to create chaos and confusion and to influence public opinion to be hostile towards SWAPO PARTY and its Government. The victory of SWAPO Party is irreversible: the people of Namibia are SWAPO and SWAPO is the people of Namibia. Thus, the Politburo henceforth urges all MPs-Elect to the National Assembly to prepare for the inauguration of the new government on the 21 March 2010.


The Politburo expressed its satisfaction to the SWAPO PARTY leadership of Otjozondjupa for the manner in which the internal selection process was managed. The PB also congratulated the Regional Leadership for the comradely manner in which the identification of the SWAPO PARTY candidate, Comrade Steve Biko Booys, was done.

The PB is pleased to announce that the SWAPO PARTY Candidate for the Okahandja Constituency By-Election scheduled for the 24 February 2010 is Comrade Steve Biko Booys. In this regard, I wish to inform all the rank and file members of the PARTY to attend, in their thousands, the “Introduction of the SWAPO Party Candidate’s Star Rally – by the Secretary General of SWAPO Party”, which will take place on Sunday, the 31st of January 2010 at Okahandja at 14h00hrs. This rally is intended to introduce our candidate to the people of Okahandja.

The Constitution of the SWAPO PARTY provides its members with certain Rights and Obligations. A member of SWAPO Party has a right “to elect and be elected to positions of authority in the PARTY subject to restrictions set out in this Constitution”. In addition, a Member of the PARTY has obligations including “to observe and comply with decisions, resolutions and directives of the majority, even though he or she might have voted against them or held a diverging opinion during the discussion”.

In this regard, as a self respecting, disciplined and democratic organization, SWAPO PARTY cannot allow anarchy to rein within its ranks, no matter what their status in the society. Accordingly, the Politburo examined and considered carefully the circumstances surrounding Mr. Ben Katamila’s activities leading to his decision to stand as an independent candidate in the Okahandja Constituency By-Election, contrary to the letter and spirit of the SWAPO PARTY Constitution and the Guidelines for the Election Procedures for PARTY Officials to the Government Level of SWAPO PARTY.

The PB therefore decided unanimously to expel Mr. Ben Katamila from the SWAPO PARTY with immediate effect. This decision was taken on the basis of ARTICLE VII (10) which reads in part as follows: “With the exception of the President, Vice President, the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General, the Political Bureau shall by two-thirds majority of its members have authority to expel any member of the PARTY for serious misconduct...”.

The PB called on all SWAPO Party members in Okahandja Constituency to support the sole candidate of the SWAPO PARTY, namely Comrade Steve Biko Booys.


This year 2010, SWAPO PARTY will turn 50 years since its historic formation. The Politburo has therefore decided to set up a Committee of PARTY cadres who are tasked to prepare for the Celebrations of SWAPO Party at 50. PARTY members, throughout the country, should therefore exercise their minds as to what will befit the remembrance of such an historic event on the 19th April 2010.


The PB has commended the Namibian government for the humanitarian support of N$7 million rendered to Haiti pursuant to the devastating earthquake which has caused untold suffering, loss of life and the destruction of properties. We believe that this assistance will go a long way in relieving the pain experienced by Haitians. Likewise, we also commend the efforts by the National Youth Council, Red Cross, and NCCI for their efforts in harnessing aid for the people of Haiti.

Finally, Namibia is free forever, we SWAPO PARTY members, will at all times, stand tall and proud in the defence of our sovereignty, freedom and national independence!


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Wednesday, 6th January 2010, 15:35:07


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura