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In THE SPOTLIGHT this time is: The Press Conference, addressed by Dr. T. Elijah Ngurare, Secretary of the SWAPO Party Youth League, on 21st January 2010 at the SWAPO Headquaters, WINDHOEK

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press,

Comrades and Friends,

At the onset, allow me, on behalf of the SWAPO Party Youth League (SPYL), to wish our Nation a happy and prosperous 2010. It is a historic year, because on the 21st March this year, our country will celebrate 20th Anniversary of freedom and independence. It is our expectation that on that day Namibians, young and old, black and white, shall hold hands in the spirit of peace, unity and prosperity to celebrate the victory of our freedom and independence for two decades under the able and tested leadership of the SWAPO Party Government. As SPYL, we cherish our independence, because without it our freedom of choice and freethinking would have been a captured desire, yearning to be free. Those who had laboured and sacrificed for freedom did not have the option to exercise free thinking in a Namibia that was under colonialism and apartheid.

On this point, SPYL wish to stand in solidarity with the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, NUNW and other progressive compatriots who have condemned the insensitive ruling of the Supreme Court on the inhumane modern contract labour system also known as Labour Hire. There is no comparison or justification for its existence in a free and independent Namibia. In this regard we fully support the Minister of Labour for having initiated a process of enacting a legislation to correct this anomaly. We are in total solidarity with the workers and the Ministry in this regard.

Dear Comrades, today, our country stands proudly tall among the family of nations. It is a duty and responsibility of every Namibian to make our country proud. To make it proud requires that all its citizens exhibit in deed and action unwavering patriotism. Last week, the Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Comrade Joel Kaapanda, issued a press statement informing the nation that the leader of RDP Mr. Hidipo Livius Hamutenya went abroad to lie that the 27 and 28 November 2009 Elections were rigged and that election officials were dismissed when it apparently became obvious that SWAPO was losing election and allegedly the election officials were replaced with Intelligent Officials: what a twisted logic this is? The SWAPO Party Youth League wholeheartedly supports the statement by Comrade Kaapanda and applauds the government for exposing the naked lies of those whose only political life support, thrives through spreading lies and propaganda.

Fellow citizens,
Is it right for a citizen let alone a leader of political party to parade himself before a foreign audience and lie about a country he dreams of ruling? What interest was he serving by going abroad to lie, is it for the good or bad for the country? We in the SWAPO Party always believe in our people first. Should there be anything we want to inform our people, we do not have to rent a microphone from outside the country, we talk directly to our people just the way we are doing it now. Let those who thrive on lies know that their fictitious account in the bank of truth is in overdraft and would soon be exposed because no payment from it will be accepted as there is “insufficient funds”. Self-evidently it has happened, before election, a fictitious database of apparently 390000 members was said to be inexistence, but it was only dreamed about and somebody forgot that he was dreaming and went ahead as if it was real. Those lies were nakedly exposed by the Namibian people when they voted the SWAPO Party with 2/3 majority in the November 2009 Elections and RDP only managed to snatch votes from CoD, DTA, NUDO, UDF and RP, who now are being pulled by the nose as RDP’s coalition partners: what a shame! Compatriots,
We are always told that there are some countries out there that apparently have interest to strengthen our democracy. On the contrary, our democracy and the will of our people are being taken for granted allegedly because we are “none thinking voters”. We have noted with a serious concern the activities of foreign based agents masquerading themselves as NGO who are clandestinely organizing obscure workshop attended by opposition parties in Southern Africa. The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, a political foundation of German origin is one such NGO. SPYL rejects its existence in Namibia from hereon forward. The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung is sponsoring these opposition parties prominent among them are UNITA and RENAMO that are well known for the killings and maiming of innocent civilians in Angola and Mozambique respectively. Are these not the kinds of brutal and repressive forces that should stand trail for crimes against humanity in The Hague? To RDP members and other members of the coalition of unknown intention, are you happy to be identified with groups whose hands are still dripping with the bloods of innocent fellow Africans and Namibians in the case of UNITA? Those who do not know, your leader had just mortgaged your principle at the international auction in Brussels. RDP has now taken its rightful place alongside UNITA and RENAMO, you are now birds of the same feathers.

Let me reiterate what has been said before by our leaders of the SWAPO PARTY. “The SWAPO Party is committed to safeguarding democracy, unity, peace, stability and the rule of law. However, these principles must be understood that they are reciprocal in their application. Unfortunately, there are few individuals who had misled themselves to believe that they have absolute knowledge of laws of the Republic of Namibia”. These bad losers are programmed to reject democratic defeat. They blame their miserable performance in the November elections on everyone else except themselves. They even shamelessly blame dead people’s names on the voters’ roll as reason for their defeat, what a shameful insatiable puppetry of power by these neo-imperialist agents.

Distinguished Media Representatives,
Our clarion call remains that SWAPO IS THE PEOPLE AND THE PEOPLE ARE SWAPO, thus victory of SWAPO at any democratic contest is derived from the support of our people. In a few weeks, the people of Okahandja Constituency are going to the polls on 24 February 2010, caused by the untimely death of the late Comrade Theofilus Eiseb. We call on the people of Okahandja to emulate the good example set by Eenhana, Omuthiya and Tobias Hainyeko. The candidate the RDP is sponsoring is the very candidate you rejected due to her incompetency, how dare the RDP and its Coalition of delusional, insult your intelligence? Go out in your thousands to vote for the SWAPO Party and its candidate on 24 February 2010. The message to all peace loving residents of Okahandja black and white, speakers of all languages: burry down lies and burry down tribalism in the upcoming by-elections. Our advice to the people of Okahandja is that you should fly the SWAPO freedom banner proudly high. You have already rejected the incompetency of their candidate, do not allow the incompetency to be smuggled back by a coalition with huge overdraft in the Bank of truth. Don’t forget that this is the same coalition which wants to nullify your hard earned votes in the just concluded Presidential and National Assembly elections. However, we know only too well that theirs is a plastic coalition and they are uncertain of it themselves, as a matter of fact even their membership has not been consulted on such neo-imperialist agenda of coalition. It has failed and will fail a thousand times!

Distinguished Media Representatives,
Namibia is free forever and never again shall it become a colony of any country, NGO or fabricated propaganda of regime change. The progressive youth of Namibia shall never allow that eventuality. Southern Africa is free forever; the progressive youth of Southern Africa will never allow it, for former liberation movements to become casualties of regime change by our former colonizers. It is imperative and urgent therefore that progressive youth of our country and sub region must ensure that our political independence meaningfully translate in black economic empowerment. The resources of our countries must empower the masses of our people, without fail. We call on all the youth wings of former liberation movements to join hands in consolidating our freedom and independence. As far as Namibia is concerned the SPYL stand ready uncompromising, unwavering and patriotically stubborn around the ideals of Youth Empowerment, Black Economic Empowerment and the realistic attainment of Our Vision 2030. The Swapo Party Youth League is therefore very encouraged to hear that there is a group of young prominent black businessmen and women who have taken the initiative to establish a black Namibian business forum. We are reliably informed that the main purpose of this business forum is to act and as an advocacy group, which will propagate the enactment of legislation, which will create a conducive environment for our people to prosper. After all, our Founding President Comrade Dr Sam Nujoma has been quoted on countless occasions as saying that the second phase of our struggle is the economic liberation of our people.

The Swapo Party Youth League therefore welcomes that bold and yet noble gesture of strive for the indigenization of the Namibian economy. Comrades, be assured of the full support of the Swapo Party Youth League and we are therefore looking forward to the official launch of your forum.

Dear Comrades, the consolidation of our political independence must be based on laying a strong and unequivocal foundation of black economic empowerment in all its manifestation. The political capital entrusted to the SWAPO Party government since independence emanates primarily from the masses of our people especially the rural and urban poor. It is our duty therefore to alert our Government to this effect and in particular to the Financial and Mining Sectors.

In regards to the Financial Service Sector, the financial services sector remains one of the key contributors to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of this country, and over the last 20 years, it has failed to reflect the demography of this country at key decision-making levels.

According to statistics of the Bank of Namibia (BoN), local banks are funded from local depositors primarily. This notwithstanding, Namibians do not participate at decision making levels that could result in channeling the savings back into the economy to develop the Namibian economy.

As is well known, the role of a banking institution is to channel surplus savings from those that save to those sectors of the economy requiring the financial impetus to grow. To this end, as a youth wing of the SWAPO Party, a Party that is the sole authentic representative of the Namibian people, as demonstrated during the recent Presidential and National Assembly Elections of 2009, has observed the mismatch and insensitive behavior of the multinationals that own these multi-nationals and their hand picked executives.

It is no secret that the key agents of economic transmission in the economy are in foreign hands. We have observed with the recent global banking crisis, that it was not the multinational parent banking holding companies who were bailing out the distressed local banks, but on the contrary, it was the local hard working public (the taxpayer).

Based on what we have just said above, our SWAPO Party Government is hereby called upon, to act in the interests of the voting public and the Namibian tax-payers, who are the depositors in these multinational owned banking institutions.

We want to make it categorically clear: the SWAPO Party Youth League will not be supporting cut and pasted foreign head office sponsored financial service charters that have even failed and are currently repealed in their countries of origin where they are in contradiction with their own national laws.
Take note: It is no longer business as usual, and we are calling upon the Namibian masses, led by its legitimate Government, to remain vigilant, and reject services offered by such multinationals that do not respect the wishes of the Namibian people.

We will champion legislation, that will ensure that ownership and control of local banks revert to the local depositors who have their skin in the game. As we read Wall Street activity, it has all moved to Main Street – the people now have a say.

We are not calling for the nationalization of banking institutions! What we are calling for, is the real and genuine participation, ownership and management of Namibians in the banking sector!

To this end, the SWAPO Party Youth League will work tirelessly, under the umbrella of the mother body, the mighty SWAPO Party, to pass legislation that will expedite the realization of Black Economic Empowerment that will transmit authentic Youth Empowerment and Rural Empowerment.

We as Africans hold the greatest potential for the highest economic multiplier due to our extended family set-up. One Namibian Dollar in Windhoek has economic impact in Linyanti, Katchi na Katchi, Okanguati, Tses, Otjinene, Ompundja and Fransfontein. This is a fact. You all know how during the festive season and Easter – Windhoek becomes a deserted place and we go back to our roots to empower our people.

Similarly, on the Mining Sector, it is the flagship of primary industries in our economy, driven by diamonds.

During the global recession of ’08-’09 we saw the glimpse of hope from diamonds diminish due to the contraction in demand for diamond jewelry from around the world, especially the United States of America. However, we in the SWAPO Party Youth League, still believe that the mineral extraction sector continues to carry the potential to add significant value to domestic output and enhance the standard of living of our people.

Critics of our SWAPO led Government have been parading the unemployment statistics amongst the Namibian citizens wanting to mislead them that we have failed to create employment for our people. The facts however, indicate that the SWAPO led Government has employed all non-technical techniques utilized world wide, to detect natural resources, that can be exploited using human resources and machinery, a process which would lead to job creation.

Namibia has indeed been fortunate, that nuclear fuels have become primary sources of generating energy in growing parts of the world, especially, East Asia. China in particular. This has led to a floury of exploration activities for Uranium in the Erongo Region. Regrettably, our intelligence informs us, that foreign owned and stock exchange listed miners, continue to employ the services of their counterparts from abroad, at the expense of local expertise and skills in the local economy, thereby disenfranchising the locals from their heritage wealth and robbing the Namibian people from opportunities of employment. This is despite Namibia having an open door policy of a conducive and encouraging foreign investment legal framework to collaborate with locals.

The SWAPO Party Youth League is therefore demanding that the custodians of our resources ensure that it becomes conditional on the exploitation rights that meaningful ownership of locals and service provision into exploration and production is sourced from local available expertise and skills to ensure the enhancement of job creation and realization of the Namibian dream of yielding the benefit of the exploitation of their natural resources.

This is what our people died for, and this is the clarion call for which our fore fathers stood up, fought, sacrificed and liberated our country. We want to live the dream envisioned by Hendrick Witbooi, Samuel Maharero, Jacob Morenga, Iipumbu ya Tshilongo, Jan Jonker Afrikaner, Mandume ya Ndemufayo and modern day living legend of Sam Shafiishuna Nujoma, Leader of the Namibian Revolution, Founding Father of the Namibian Nation, the First President of SWAPO Party and the Republic of Namibia, and our beloved, ever ready to sacrifice, bullet proof and overwhelmingly popularly voted for, His Excellency, the President of the SWAPO Party and President of the Republic of Namibia, Hifikepunye Pohamba.

We call upon the Mines and Energy Ministry and the Chamber of Mines to ensure that the foreign-based stock exchange listed mining companies live up to the aspirations of the Namibian people. Failure to respect the wishes and aspirations of the Namibian nation will result in the SWAPO Party led Government taking action to restore the dignity of our people.

As is well known, our sisterly country of Haiti has been hit by a devastating earthquake which has claimed the lives of more than 50,000 people. This is a natural disaster of astronomical proportion. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti especially the youth of that sisterly country. In this regard, I wish to avail of this opportunity to congratulate our SWAPO Party Government for the humanitarian support extended to the people of Haiti in the amount of US$1million. In the same vein, we applaud the efforts of the youth of Namibia through NYC in regards the same objective as well as the Namibian Chapter of Red Cross. Namibia as a product of international solidarity, we urge all peace-loving Namibians to support our brothers and sisters in Haiti as well as those within our country who are facing the looming floods in the Northern and North-Eastern Regions of our country.

In conclusion, I wish to once again appeal to the entire membership of SWAPO Party in Okahandja at the District, Branch and Section, to mobilize the people to vote massively for the SWAPO PARTY candidate, we were encouraged by the large turnout at our rally on Sunday, 17 January 2010. Keep up the good work and let us make Namibia the country we want it to be – a peaceful, industrious and prosperous nation.

I thank you!

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Thursday, 21st January 2010, 15:02:11


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura