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South Africa - stable or unstable - the crucial decision for the future

By Udo W. Froese
The South African Communist Party (SACP) sticks to its guns. It repeatedly stated, "There is a Third Force out there, trying to divide the ANC ahead of Mangaung (Bloemfontein). It is not the first time this is happening."

On a number of occasions, this member of the ruling tri-partite alliance has openly referred to a 'Third Force', operating from within the ANC.

The historic ANC Conference takes place in Mangaung in December this year. It is interesting to note that Zimbabwe's ZANU-PF conference and Namibia's SWAPO Party conference all happen in December 2012 too.

In his attempt to engineer political leadership change, young politician, Julius Malema, of the "friends of a youth league", roars from every possible platform, "South Africa is a banana republic!

President Jacob Zuma is a dictator! Zuma is the enemy!" "Economic Change in Our Lifetime" is the war cry of the "friends of a youth league" outside the ruling tripartite alliance. A group of senior ANC NEC members, ministers and provincial structures support this. One of South Africa's banking cartel members publicly castigates the ANC leadership. The chairman of Nedbank, Reuel Khoza, declared that South Africa "is on the road to becoming a 'rogue state'."

"Warnings to South Africans to wake up and resist the spread of institutional crime seem to fall on deaf ears as the pace of mis-governance by misdeeds hots up," Khoza is quoted as having said in the local media. Reuel Khoza enjoyed the nickname of being "Thabo Mbeki's banker", before Mbeki was re-called as president of the ANC and of the country. Today, Khoza serves on over 20 boards, including as a trustee on Bishop Desmond Tutu's "Peace Trust".

Like in the Limpopo Province, regional government structures in the Northwest Province, also known as the "Platinum Province", failed to address the greed of the mine owners and the plight of the mineworkers. Mineworkers live in abject poverty, squatting near their place of work, barely making ends meet. To this day the premier of the Northwest Province, Thandi Modise, remains conspicuous by her absence and her thundering silence. From the onset premier Modise sided with re-called former president Thabo Mbeki;

ANC NEC member and minister in Jacob Zuma's cabinet, Tokyo Sexwale; ANC NEC member and Treasurer General, Mathews Phosa; ANC NEC member and minister Paul Mashatile; ANC NEC member and minister Fikile Mbalula and fired former ANCYL president Julius Malema and his inner circle. Together they have embarked on bringing ANC president and head-of-state, Jacob Zuma, and his leadership to a fall in Mangaung in December this year through their drive known as "Anyone But Zuma". Their candidate to take over the reigns is ANC deputy president Kgalema Motlanthe. This would be the reason, why premier Thandi Modise decided not show up at Marikana. It is not in her interest. She is on record having responded to the media, telling them, "Give me a break."

One ANC stalwart explained, "Thabo Mbeki's political formation outside the ANC immediately after the ANC Conference in Polokwane, Limpopo Province, in December 2007 - the Congress of the People (COPE) - is indeed well represented inside the ANC too.

Recently, Thabo Mbeki wrote a critical report on the 'African Union' (AU) and its lack of power and influence. Did he take a swipe at its new chair, former minister of home affairs, Skosazana Dlamini- Zuma? Did Mbeki forget that he too signed an agreement together with his Nigerian counterpart, Olusegon Obasanjo, as senior members of the AU to grant exile to former president Charles Taylor of Liberia, in order to achieve peace in that West African country? In the light of that signed document, Taylor would stop the war in Liberia and live in exile in Nigeria.

Shortly thereafter, Obasanjo was to fly to Washington DC on an official visit to the White House. As his presidential plane was about to take off, Obasanjo received a call from US president George W. Bush Jnr. The Nigerian head-of-state was told then that he would not be received in the White House, if he would not return Charles Taylor immediately to Sierra Leone, which in return would send Taylor on to the Netherlands, so he could be tried at the ICC. Clearly, the above-mentioned signed agreement was not worth the paper it was written on.

Mbeki travels Africa and the world today as South Africa's respected peace broker. His high expenses are funded by the state among others, which are derived from taxpayers' money. Meanwhile, the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) prepares to take over two provinces in the next provincial elections - the economic centre of Gauteng and the diamond province of Northern Cape. The DA would most likely prepare itself to contest the national elections in 2019 in order to take over from the ANC as the ruling party of South Africa.

With soaring food and fuel prices, a high unemployment rate in an arrogantly hostile economy that has shifted its capital from the region to the City of London, worldwide corporatisation and a global debt holocaust, the ANC is on the road to Mangaung.

In this light, the tripartite alliance will have to commit itself to a firm plan of action to achieve maximum peace and serious economic participation and stability for all to be seen. Indigenous land- and mineownership are an integral part of it. The ANC knows and understands it.


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