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Shacks demolished by City of Windhoek

By Jakavaza Kavari Katjiuanjo

First of all I would like to thank Dr. Elijah Ngurare for strongly coming out against the demolition of poor people Shacks in Windhoek. You have shown that you really have the interest of the Namibian people at heart, more especially the poor and marginalised.

Keep up the good work and I wish you all the best to retain the position for another term of five years in order to continue fighting for the poor comrades that are suffering on the instruction of fellow comrades the elected Councillors. You have shown visionary leadership.

Honourable Councillors of City of Windhoek have embarked on demolishing poor people Shacks in the informal settlement in Windhoek. It is a pity to see this type of events taking place in an independent Namibia more especially by fellow black people. These types of events remind me of the 1959 Old Location massacre.

It is like scratching a wound that is about to heal. As far as I know regarding the top leadership of the City of Windhoek is the political Councillors that are voted by fellow SWAPO members.

SWAPO rules and procedures

SWAPO Party has good and well designed rules and procedures. Well designed structures are also in place starting from section, branch, district, region and national structures. People are put into those positions to attend to the peoples' need in those structures. Remember no one in SWAPO is forced into a position, this is done voluntarily.

People put into position are forgetting the aims and objectives why they are put into those positions and start serving personal interest. These are the ones who are failing the objectives of our big family policies and procedures. I will never blame the SWAPO Party for this but the people in place are the ones to blame. Put away personal interest above party interest.

SWAPO electorate interest

We the electorate are putting our own people that know our needs into positions to go and look after us, but it seems to me they are missing the point and start enriching themselves. I was shocked to read that councillors get more then N$ 15 000, 00 monthly allowance and other benefits. The same people are the ones sending people to demolish shacks.

City of Windhoek Rules

Rules are made by people for people. Most of the City of Windhoek rules that they always refer to are the ones that were made well before we gained our independence.

These laws were made by the apartheid regime in order to suppress the poor and more especially the majority black Namibians. It is a shame to see officials from City of Windhoek referring to discriminatory laws. You have failed to propose changes to the laws in order to fit the majority Namibians. I was surprised by the head of the police to publicly say that we are helping people to remove the Shacks.

We are all well aware of the municipality laws some of which are the ones made well before independence to suit a certain minority of group of people. Me as a leader of the Youth League in Khomasdal North Constituency, I am shocked to see this happening. It is really unbelievable that such event is being executed by our own people.

Questions to City of Windhoek

1. Are you aware that the elders that you sold their Houses in Katutura due to non payment of debts are the ones living there?

2. Are you aware that the poor youth that are unemployed are living there?

3. Do you take time to go and spend one full night there, just to feel the conditions in which these people are living?

4. When do you plan to provide proper sanitation services to those people?

5. To me water and electricity in Windhoek is a basic commodity, no compromise about it.


I would like to request our highly respected leader and the Minister of Regional Local Government and Housing, Cde Jerry Ekandjo, to seriously look at those laws that are affecting our poor or marginalised community living in Shacks. I know you can make things happen.

To the entire Cabinet members, I am wondering why you are so quiet, the people affected by the City of Windhoek are 75% SWAPO Members and why should you turn a blind eye to your fellow comrades? They are the ones living in poverty.

Something urgent should be done to stop the City of Windhoek from destroying people properties to such an extent.

These people know very well that these are poor people and can't even afford to buy proper zincs and still they destroy their properties. My tears are running while writing this note. Did we forget where we are coming from?

The congress is coming and you want to be voted into position again, to do what? It will be good to elect these poor people into position so that they can prioritise the poor people's interest first. Call the City of Windhoek Councillors to order those that are on SWAPO ticket.

City of Windhoek please returns those sink to the poor people without charging them the N$ 1000.00. Please provide alternative areas where you can resettle the people. We should not change Namibia into full capitalist country while we are claiming to be a mix economy country.

A vote of thanks and appreciation is due to the media that shows this barbaric event.

Issued by: Jakavaza Kavari Katjiuanjo, Outgoing SPYL Secretary for Khomasdal North Constituency


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura