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Safe drive and come back alive

As we are approaching the festive season let me join others in supporting the on-going SAFE DRIVING CAMPAIGN Let us all abide by the speed limits and let us refrain from driving while or when we have used alcohol.

If the party is too entertaining and you can't drive afterwards, PLEASE don't try your driving skills on the road, rather rest for a while, call a friend or a relative , or the nearest Nampol officer station or Traffic department to assist you all the way home, and report any unwilling officer in this regard It's so horrible to see how people throw their emptied alcohol bottles and other rubbish out a driving vehicle.

It is very unpleasant to see such horrific scenes of beer bottles, papers and all kinds of dirt scattered all over along our national roadside.

It is a disgrace to our national pride& dignity to view this rubbish , what do we want to achieve with this, do we want to SHOW OFF that we are drunkards? And what message are we sending to our tourist and the outside world ?

Please let us all abide by the traffic rules, and if any of the passengers having a drink, let him/her put those empty bottles in a plastic bag, or any disposable bag and deposit such rubbish at the nearest service station or available rubbish drum / container

Let us as Namibians keep our country clean and DRIVE SAFE

Concerned Comrade


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura