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Revisit the struggle years

By Eima Lyoomooral
I am here to make a call. The aim is to call all my esteemed and distinguished comrades and friends with whom I shared difficult times during our protracted struggle for liberation.

As Comrade Ya Toivo said; the struggle was long and bitter. Therefore I want us to revisit our revolutionary and political maturity towards Namibia's democratic tendency nowadays to ensure we are on the right path.

Let me remind you that the imperialists are working 24 hours around the clock to make sure that Namibia has fails and dances to the tune of unpatriotic imperialistic music. They have played it in Iraq and it has worked, they played it in Egypt and it has worked; they have played it inLybia under the NTC as well. Let me now inform you that they are channeling it towards Southern Africa, like Namibia, Angola, Zimbabwe and South Africa. They are trying to hook our leaders, to dance to that music too.

This is the time to call my fellow compatriots not to sleep while the enemy of the nation and that of Africa is busy misleading our nations. I am proud of the fact that during our real and only struggle, we enjoyed the trust and love of our loyal revolutionary masses of this country, and this is the right time again to remain united behind our leaders.Leaders who know us, leaders that know our culture, leaders that come from our families; not imperialistic leaders that only know oppression and subjugation. Let us in the same vein not be misled by money mongers imposed to us as leaders; those ones only want to plunder our resources.

Lastly, when our leaders and all our progressive parties and people throughout the African continent struggle shoulder to shoulder, faithful to and with a firm belief in the cause of determining our own destiny and future; it will frustrate all the maneuvers of the reactionaries to reverse the historical tide and bring about a bright future for humanity. Let us therefore remain united by all means necessary.


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura