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Reject tribalism

By Mpingana Shalongo, Ondangwa.
As a born Oshindonga speaking Oshiwambo Namibian, I am saddened by a group of power-hungry Oshindonga-speaking youngsters, who are moving around manipulating young and old Namibians to support their negative idea for a creation of an exclusive Oshindonga speakers region, entitled Ondonga Region (or some want to call it Peter Nanyemba , or Oshitambi, or Martin Rautanen / Nakambale ka Nene), within a peaceful, stable Namibia.

As an Omundonga who lives in Ondonga, I have been following this tribalistic project, which has the energy to destabilize the whole Namibia, and I therefore wishe to share with other Namibians the content of this project.

There is a group of young Oshindonga speakers who feels that they are from a supreme tribe, an Oshiwambo sub-tribe who were the first to mingle with whites / missionaries, and thus they have a strong feeling that they were the first to become 'civilized', that they were the first to wear trousers, while others were still wearing goat skins; and thus they believe that they have to be the ones who are ruling others.

Further, this group believes that it was the Ndongas who created OPO (Owambo Peoples Organization) and according to their belief, they are supposed to be the leaders of Namibia, because it is them who started the liberation struggle.

This group of power-hungry "supreme" oshindonga youngsters, who hold night meetings in Ondangwa, and in Windhoek and Swakopmund, aims to control Namibia, by "hi-jacking power from the Omusati Clique".

This group is mobilizing business leaders to fund their campaign, religious leaders to bless their project; and they have effectively managed to manipulate and overrule the Ondonga Traditional Authority and they have hijacked the King to become their boy; a spokesperson of their supreme tribalistic project.

The group is working with some people in Kunene Region and in other regions, to reduce and neutralize what they constantly say in meetings as "Omusati Clique influence and domination."

With all due respect to the Ondonga King, he has been hijacked by this group as it aims to selfishly achieve their own personal political ambitions through open tribalism. Their ultimate aim is to get into State House.

There are also big politicians (active and "retired") in this project (including ministers), who are stirring this hot pot of tribalism, (behind the scenes) and they are busy turning the Ondonga into a Hutu/Tutsi kingdom.

Now that this group is trying to hide its negative deeds, they have a strategy to use Oshana Governor, Clemens Kashuupulwa as a scapegoat and tarnish his good name. They must leave Kashuupulwa, a man of great unity, alone. While we know that there are certain developments that have not taken place due to some lazy councillors, now they want to blame it on Kashuupulwa who sits very far in Oshakati.

Some councillors , we know they have been promised a governorship and chief regional officer in the new Ondonga Region by the power hungry girls and boys, now they come up with a strategy: "blame everthing on Kashuupulwa. We must tell the King to use his tribal authority to apologize." No, Kashuupulwa has nothing to apologize for. The power hungry boys and girls should apologize for manipulating the King.

We the progressing Aandonga want to continue working together with other Namibians, irrespective of tribe, race or origin. We don't have any problem with Kwanyamas or Kwambis or Hereros. I urge the Office of the President and Office of the Founding President to use all the resources at their disposal to investigate, counsel and neutralize this terrible tribalism.

I appeal to all Ndongas and all Namibians to correct the Ondonga King and reject and throw away and rubbish this socalled Ondonga Region tribalism project.


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura