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Regulate mushrooming churches

By Sioni Iikela
We have learnt with shock and dismay the announcement made by one "prophet" in the name of God that the earthquake was to take place on the 14th April 2014. It is said that this is the same "prophet" who tricked some Namibians to believe that she was resurrected from death at Katutura Multi-Purpose Youth Centre's Sports Stadium last year.

All these are said and done in the name of Christianity, thereby the misuse and abuse of the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit; the threesome of God. It is clear that the Name of God is now being used to create Investment CC, Trading CC and Sole Trading by those who want to make quick cash and become rich.

It is against the above backgrounds that we condemn all "prophets" of dooms who are causing social disorders and unnecessary alarms amongst our people. It is such a serious sickness that our secular state status as enshrined in the Constitution is used to sabotage the economy of our country by some churches and "prophets."

It is said that a number of people did not report for work on the 14th April 2014 because they were told by the so called "prophet" that the whole country will suffer a catastrophic earthquake, except Groot Aub. Some people are said to have gone to Groot Aub for fear of their lives.

This is a total sabotage, which must be condemned with the contempt it deserves. I call on our Parliament to pass a law to regulate the mushrooming of churches and the Ministry of Home Affairs to deny visas to those fly-by night pastors or socalled. Namibia must never be turned into church business hub, where "prophets" can just cause confusion amongst our people. Police must arrest all those who are trying to practice their funny things. All practices in the name of God that are aiming at causing confusion, sabotage and alarm amongst our people should never be allowed, and those who are seen doing it must be arrested and charged harshly.

We are further calling for the local authority councils to stop allocating big lands to the churches, because they are nothing but businesses that must even pay taxes to the government. Recently, our residential areas are saturated with churches that make noise far worse than shebeens. Why shebeens are closed but the churches are left alone? For example Samora Michel is said to have more than 40 churches, just one constituency; you can imagine now how many churches we have in Windhoek in particular and Namibia in general.

To this end, we call on the Council of Churches in Namibia, CCN, to make sure that those that are their members do not get themselves involved in these sick practices.

Sioni Iikela is SPYL Secretary for Health, Population and Environment

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