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Question to the Namibian Youth

I am very concerned about our practices as youth all over this country, we are forever complaining and talking too much negative things about the government and that the government is not employing us, but our deeds towards our own government is very rotten that they can't able to smell in their offices.

The fact that we are being misled by misrepresentation of our rights and that is not the reason why we should misbehave even if you look at chapter 3.Article 15(1-5) of the Namibian constitution there is no were written in the article that the children should drink alcohol in public, disrespect the elders and breach the law.

My point here is, this is the time for the youth to stand up and fight against poverty, it is our time now to proof our elders that after their departure we have the capability to lead the nation, it is our time to implement different project that will boost the economy of our beloved country, it is our time to stop going to bars and clubs and start using our little strength we have to work hard for this country.

There is no way that a child will ask bread to his father and the father give him stone, this must be the time for the youth to come up with small businesses and start knocking the government doors for financial assistance to upgrade their businesses.

Our country is a very rich, we don't have to run overseas to go spoil our country's name because we want jobs NO, our SWAPO party have got everything for us all we need is to think outside the box and remove the wrong mentality of disrespecting elders.

Be a child who always pleads to his father and your father will render the assistance to you, be a child who come back home early without a smell of alcohol and drugs, your father will listen to you, be a child who always initiate profitable projects that will benefit other children and the country at large.

In conclusion development is at my heart and is my wish and our target is our country to be called a developed country by 2030 and YES this should be the determination of the youth.

Tsepo K Mutenge , Youth activist


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura