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President Dr Hage Geingob's message on today's Cassinga Day Commemoration

"Long live the heroes and heroines of Cassinga! Long live Namibia! Harambee"

Today, we commemorate a poignant moment in the history of our struggle for independence. It is a day which carries with it a multitude of emotions that only the atrocities of war can conjure up.

It is a day which the enemy thought would break our will but ended up increasing our resolve twofold. It is a day which revealed to the world, the sheer brutality and callous nature of the enemy which the sons and daughters of Namibia faced and in so doing, galvanized the support of our friends and allies from all over the world.

As we commemorate Cassinga Day, let us remember our mothers, fathers, daughters and sons who continue to water our freedom with the blood of their sacrifice. It is a day for us to reflect on the painful journey we have walked in order to arrive at this point in our history.

Let us dedicate ourselves to honour our fallen heroes and heroines by uniting as one people, one Namibia, one Nation, in the spirit of Harambee to build a Namibian House worthy of their struggle. We should strive, never to relive the horrors of war again.

This is also a day to pay tribute to our comrades and friends from the Republic of Cuba and the Republic of Angola, who stood with us as we endured the brutality of South African military aggression and oppression. We salute our Cuban comrades for their unwavering support, which was exemplified when they took in many of the children who had survived the Cassinga Massacre, to study in Cuba and allowed them an opportunity to escape from the horror of war to pursue the promise of education.

We salute our Angolan Comrades who allowed Namibians an avenue through which to escape the bleakness of the Apartheid policies. You stood by us and supported us through all possible means while providing us with safe refuge. May the memory of Cassinga always spur us on to pursue a future of peace and prosperity for all Namibians.

Long live the heroes and heroines of Cassinga. Long live the memory of our struggle.

Long live our sister Republics of Cuba and Angola. Long live Namibia.


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura