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Politicking must not overlook competency: SWAPO Party Politburo

By Fillemon Wise Immanuel
It is an inescapable fact that given the current socio-economic and political landscape in Namibia, as is elsewhere in the world, the demand for competency based-political leadership is enormously and tremendously desired.

Leadership in the contemporary societies is no longer about positions and statuses conferred by the same, but quite frankly should be more about proficiency and adaptative know-how to the prevailing socio-economic climate within a given geopolitical environment. Undeniably, due to the technological revolution and global impact there is a heavier burden of responsibilities which leaders of all seasons have to shoulder in the quest for everlasting solutions to the escalating socio-economic turbulences. Thus, with all obviousness, the kind of leadership required at various societal levels at the point of existence should strongly dictate unique qualities, that which is relevant, responsive and meaningful to the challenges threatening the global humanity.

Notably and more often than not, political systems around the world are allergic to technocratic formation and competency based-leadership. The mere justification of this kind of social exclusion has in most ordinary terms been attributed to the autonomy that intellectuals and academic commanded in relation to their peers in political engagements.

Politics has exponentially over the years been regarded as a means of survival for most political personnel, for being the science of controlling the wealth by way of determining who gets what, when and how? Owing to the above fact, political players who have no alternative disposal of options in terms of employment, strive at all costs to retain and defend their political occupations, without due regard to the nation's desire to have its developmental challenges and obstacles resolved through application of scientific methodologies and modes.

Undeniably, it is everyone's conviction that any given society will only be able to progressively move forward once it is converted into a knowledgebased economy. Such a transformation is exclusively possible once training and skill development are ordered, and that ultimately the application of such skills is given a progressive realization.

It is meaningless as it is discouraging to send children (youth) to school and after their graduation we make no use of their hard-acquired knowledge and intellectual analysis. Also, for the creation of hope and restoration of confidence to the young generation in the political system it is imperative that promising, competent and disciplined young persons or perceived young persons in politics are given opportunities to excel.

Addition, people that command personal autonomy or intellectual independence needs not to be subject to exclusion for that what defines them and/ or self-standing political identity. Notwithstanding, the ideological approaches that may have preceded the recent ended SWAPO Party 5th Congress as manifested by different players to the process, the failure to cut the edge into the SWAPO Party Politburo by some of the highly competent, hard-working and revered political personalities; namely Cde. Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila; Cde. Abraham Iyambo and a man of his own terms and conditions, Cde. Helmut Angula may constitute a miscarriage of political hope to the Namibian young generation, which look up to the three political figures among others as sources of inspiration and for role-modelling purposes. The said politicians all around, have exhibited issuebased leadership approaches and refrained from personality's politics.

In addition, they (Saara, Abraham & Helmut) have in all political weather based their actions on reasoned and logical calculations and organically they are not immune to human errors as is for all of us. Thus, if they may have crossed political paths with anyone, that was probably a trivial oversight on their part, which should not overshadow our judgement in appreciating and acknowledging their skills, competence, expertise, balanced reasoning and issue-based analysis, which would have been of complimentary value to the decisionmaking process within Politburo, as they have been doing it for the past five years when have been members.

Nonetheless, any genuine Namibian would appreciate the re-turning of Cde. Netumbo Nandih-Ndaitwah to the SWAPO Party Politburo. Overwhelming, Cde. Netumbo like the three others singled out, has proven herself as one of the politicians who care little about other's character and spend her official time meaningfully responding to the plague of the Namibian people.

Other new faces include that of Cde. John Mutorwa, who during the Congress was showered with praises by the President for doing well in the Agricultural upliftment, Cde. Nickey Iyambo, who equally in the past months has successfully handled and continue to attend to the plaque of the War Veterans, Cde. Charles Ndaxuwa-ovanhu Namholo has been recently entrusted with the Ministry of Regional, Local Government and Housing, as well as the active Governor of Hardap Region, Cde. Katrina Hanse-Himarwa. Moreover, the reflection of the Politburo's election result leaves much to be wanted as far the gender equality is concerned in the 21 members organ. Although there is a slight increase by two in the number of women in the Politburo, from three (2007) to five (2012), this is not anyway near the 50/50 target the government is aiming to achieve, hence the imputation to the political parties.

The same shortage is equally evident in the SWAPO Central Committee, I guess this is the most convincing reason why the president of the SWAPO Party, Cde. Pohamba, tried to fill the gap with his nomination of the six persons to the Central Committee of the Party. The president nominated five female and only one male to the second highest making body of the Party pursuant to the 5th SWAPO Party Congress.

Admittedly, as a nation we are faced with numerous challenges including deriving means and strategies to strike balance between intra-generational leadership, competency based-leadership and gender equality based-leadership. In competency lies hope, confidence and a better tomorrow. Let us not allow politicking and ideological variances overshadow over efforts to attain the above wonderful ideals.

Fillemon Wise Immanuel SWAPO Party Activist Reforming by Reasoning


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura