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Peace and Security

By Josephat Inambao Sinvula
Peace, tranquility and security is of great importance for the development of any country to take place. Peace in itself is thus essential for social and economic growth in any country.

Since independence, Namibia has committed itself to defend its hard-won peace, freedom and democracy at home, making it possible until now to prevent any serious threat to peace and security in Namibia.

During the late 1990s, the country dealt accordingly with some cross border hostilities caused by UNITA rebels and armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) that culminated in a peaceful settlement between Angola and DRC's armed conflict in 2002, the Kasikili Island dispute with Botswana and Namibia, Caprivi Secession and Walvis integration into Namibia. By so doing Namibia created an enabling environment that is conducive for the development process of the country.

At international level, Namibia has positioned itself very well by participating in many international UN Missions in the DRC, Liberia, Sierra Leone to mention a few in order to strengthen its democratic governance, peace, political and civil stability, the rule of law and low level in the management of corruption. Now Namibia is a member of SADC States, African Union, United Nations, European Union, Comesa, Ecowas and East African Community for the realization of its Vision in International Relations that calls for "a new internationak economic order based on sovereign equality of nations, where sustainable development, peace and human progress is guaranteed. Indeed, such an enabling regional and international environment makes Namibia to have a high international profile to continue receiving donor support for the development of the country focusing on important sectors of social and economic development.

Since independence, Namibia has thus been involved in a number of peace keeping efforts to curb organized crime, money laundering, drug trafficking, human trafficking, arms smuggling and natural resources crime syndicates.

Now the government is focusing on maintaining peace and security, strengthen its capacity to have a strong and effective intelligence information system and enough infrastructure for the entire Namibian Defence Force to achieve a "collected regional and international peace and security" by the year 2030.

Josephat Inambao Sinvula has a B.Sc in Urban Studies & Planning from Virginia Commonwealth University at Richmond, Virginia, USA; MPA from Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA and is a Ph.D Candidate in Political Science. He is currently employed as Director of Human Resources, Finance & Administration at Oshana Regional Council in Oshakati, Oshana Region. The views expressed in this opinion piece are his personal views.


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